Beware of paving scams

Beware of paving scams

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2012 3:24 pm

Fulton Police Chief Terry Powell said asphalt paving scams are nothing new, and the summer and fall months typically mean the scam is back in full swing.
“If you have a blacktop driveway or are in need of repair, don’t be surprised if you receive a knock on your door offering you a too-good-to-be true deal on asphalt,” Powell said in issuing a warning.
He said reputable asphalt contractors will rarely — if ever — sell their product door-to-door.
Fulton police received a complaint Tuesday that a white man about 50 years of age, driving a white Chevy pickup truck, went to a house in east Fulton. The man knocked on the back door and the occupant went to the door and refused to open the storm door. The man asked the occupant if he could pave the driveway. He continued to try to coax the occupant to open the door and, according to Powell, the occupant did the correct thing by shutting the door.
Powell is urging local residents to beware of asphalt paving scams and said this is the time of year when many people — particularly the elderly — fall victim to fraud.
“Please, if someone knocks on your door soliciting, never let them into your dwelling and call your local police,” the chief said.
He said the City of Fulton requires an occupational license before anyone provides work in the city limits there.

Published in The Messenger 10.11.12


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