Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 7:00 pm

Unemployed vets deserve better

To the Editor:
U.S. Senate Republicans, including our own Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, threw unemployed veterans under the bus the other day when they filibustered the veterans’ jobs bill proposed by President Obama. The reason? They said the $1 billion jobs bill wasn’t paid for, although those supporting it disagreed, claiming it was paid for through spending cuts to other programs. Republicans called these spending cuts “accounting gimmickry.”
Strangely enough, Republicans didn’t have any trouble supporting President Bush’s two unfunded and unbudgeted wars. Nor did they hesitate in passing special appropriations bills full of accounting gimmickry when it came time to borrow the money to pay for those wars. And they haven’t blinked at handing out billions of dollars in corporate subsidies in spite of high deficits stemming from bills they voted for under President Bush.
Helping our unemployed vets find jobs is the least we can do for those who put their lives on the line for our country. But so far the Republican score card reads: billions of dollars for corporate welfare, not one red cent for the veterans’ jobs bill.
Lynda Hamblen
Union City


City, county need 
to work together
To the Editor:
It’s time the controversy between Union City and Obion County is ended, immediately. Union City needs the county and the county needs Union City.
I’ve been a commissioner for 30 years and I cannot recall any county commissioner or county mayor being against Union City.
The county commission raised Union City’s tax rate 6 cents. This was for school debt (2 cents) and other debts that had to be paid. On a $100,000 home in Union City, this comes to $15. The price of 10 big Cokes. It was unfortunate this had to be done at this time with unemployment and the poor economy. However, this was an oversight and should have been in place a year or two ago.
There is an inside tax rate for Union City and an outside rate for the county, the county’s being higher because of a school construction. There are a lot of Union City’s students attending Lake Road and Ridgemont schools. What would many businesses in Union City do without county customers? How many county offices are located in Union City?
Folks, it’s time all this talk and arguments are put aside and let’s all get on with business as usual.
Ned Bigelow
County Commissioner
District 6

Published in The Messenger 10.10.12

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