McConnell Baptist Church news

McConnell Baptist Church news

Posted: Thursday, October 4, 2012 6:00 pm
By: By Fannie Elliott

Hello everyone. I’m sorry that I have missed so long. I have been in Western Baptist in Paducah for two weeks. I come home Monday but I am not feeling good. I have three blood transfusions but still weak.

We have several still sick. Wilma Wilbanks, Nina Rose Gilliam, James Gilliam, Glenda Arant and problems more,  LaVonda Fabian fell and hurt her ribs, Janet Wilbanks will go to St. Louis for surgery. Pray for her s well as all the rest.

Sunday was Youth Sunday, They taught all classes. Amber Owensby taught our class, the “Joy” Class. She did a great job from what I hear. Everyone did well.

Irene Hastings needs our prayers. She had some surgery.

Sympathy to Wanda Brasure in the loss of her brother last week.

Sunday will be high attendance. If we can reach 81, the preacher will be put on the roof.


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