Pleasant Hill Baptist Church news

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church news

Posted: Thursday, September 27, 2012 6:00 pm
By: By Beverly Smith Bastyr

We had a great Sunday school lesson with Greg Hahn.

Our worship service started with Bro. Elwood, Bro. Mac, Bro. Steve, Vickie and Denise giving us a program of great music. The choir brought the special music singing “He Set Me Free.”

Bro. Mac brought his message from II Corinthians 2:1-11 Sunday morning and from Genesis 7:1-10 on Sunday evening.

Vickie Higgs brought the special music Sunday evening.

 Joe Lee is in Volunteer Community Hospital. Please keep Joe and Joyce in your prayers.

Thurman Neal and Carolyn Penick vacationed in the Smoky Mountains last week and celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary.

Anyone wishing to send Cory Maddox a letter can send it to: Recruit Maddox Cory A, Fox CO, 2nd RTBN (PLT. 2098), P.O. Box 16235, Parris Island, S.C. 29905-6235

Janice Cleek is still in the CCU at the Jackson-Madison County Hospital. They think she had a bad heart attack instead of a stroke.

My great-grandson, Gauge, and I enjoyed the annual fish fry held at New Home Baptist Church Saturday evening. It was great to see old friends and neighbors from the New Home community and people that I used to go to church with from my childhood and adult years through 1988. It was great to see the Bell children, Sue, Mike and Deborah and their spouses, and their mother, Justine Bell; also Nina Andrews and her children, Teresa and Cindy, Junior Howerton, William and Betty Newsom, Charles and Joyce Jones, Violet Harding, Brenda Fulcher Lynch, J. D. and Nelda McMillin, Kay Exum, Brenda Brawner, Susan Pollard, Janie Collier, Chuck and Barbara Collier and many more. This event started many years ago with J. D. McMillin having it at his home and it got too big for it to be held at his home, so New Home took over and has been doing it since then. It was a great time being with all of you.

Our birthdays for this week are: Mark Simpson, Janice Cleek, Matthew Fitzgerald, Vivian McCaleb, Joe Lofaro, Allie Baker and Danelle Fabianich. Happy birthday to all of you.

Until next week, may God bless.



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