Amphitheater at OC library gains support

Amphitheater at OC library gains support
The Obion County Pub-lic Library has received a $56,473 grant from the state to build a 2,824-square-foot amphitheater for outdoor concerts, children’s programs and other library events. The grant is being administered by the Tennessee State Library and Archives, which is part of the secretary of state’s office.
The amphitheater will shelter performers from the weather and provide dressing rooms and electrical connections to satisfy audio, lighting and other performance requirements.
“The Obion County Public Library provides free entertainment to the community, which is more important than ever in these difficult economic times,” said state Rep. Bill Sanderson. “This project will create the opportunity to stage more arts and entertainment options that can’t be staged within the existing facilities.”
“The State Library and Archives is proud to partner with Rep. Sanderson on this worthwhile project,” Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. “These funds, along with those provided from other sources, will allow the library to greatly improve the services it offers to the citizens of Obion County.” Published in The Messenger 9.26.12

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