Letters to the WCP Editor – 9.18.12

Letters to the WCP Editor – 9.18.12

Posted: Friday, September 21, 2012 11:15 am

To the Editor,
Two years ago District 76 voted to replace long-time state representative Mark Maddox with newcomer Andy Holt. Mr. Holt’s representation is now a matter of public record. I can think of no stronger argument for returning Mr. Maddox to Nashville.
Mr. Holt has supported legislation to take rights from teachers, as well as to dictate what can and cannot be said in a public school classroom. He supported requiring a photo identification to vote.
In a return to the embarrassment of the Scopes “monkey trial,” Mr. Holt voted in favor of allowing the challenge of scientific theories in the classroom.
The horrific case of animal abuse in Weakley County earlier this year illustrates how important it is to have multiple, easily accessible avenues for reporting such behavior.  Mr. Holt sponsored a bill, thankfully defeated in committee, that would hold citizens exposing such crimes via the media or social networks in violation of law.
Continuing with animals, he sponsored a bill to allow horses to be slaughtered for meat in our state. It is common practice in many countries to consume horse meat, but not in the United States. I do not understand why we would want to take on the task of slaughtering the animals in a country that finds this practice abhorrent.
Mr. Holt sponsored a bill to allow home visits that must be conducted by case workers and counselors to be held using the SKYPE program. It is unrealistic to think that all the necessary information that is collected during an actual in-home visit could be gathered through a computer screen.
Mr. Maddox gave Tennessee the no sales tax holiday, the do-not-call list limiting the number of telemarketing calls placed to private residences, sponsored legislation ending the probationary teaching license which eliminated reams of cumbersome paperwork. His work made it more difficult to sell nitrous oxide to minors. He held regular meetings throughout the district for the purpose of listening to his constituents.
Furthermore, he was a friend to the Tennessee Education Association, The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth, the juvenile court and the Department of Children’s Services. He consistently supported legislation to protect our most vulnerable citizens.
Both Andy Holt and Mark Maddox are devoted family men. Both are professionals with many years’ experience in their respective fields. Both hold office in their churches.  But only one is the right choice for District 76. Please join me in voting to return Mark Maddox to the Tennessee House of Representatives.  
Joyce Hale

To the Editor,
At the recent Mayor’s Soybean Festival Luncheon Mayor Randy Brundige and others indicated various improvements that have made life in Martin better. Master of Ceremonies Paul Tinkle of Thunderbolt Broadcasting also mentioned how attractively people are maintaining their property. Because Martin Beautiful aspires to enhance the locale, we want to share the results of our annual judging of nominated places in Martin. For pictures related to winners and additional information, please visit martinbeautiful.org.
In the Residence category, out of 18 nominees, we selected as most beautified JoAnn Carter of 323 Davis Street, and Bob and Gail Smith of 145 Baker Road. Mrs. Carter also contributes significant time to the Miles Chapel and Pearl Hayes flower beds. The appreciative Mrs. Smith confided, “I am very pleased that Bob has been recognized for his many hours of hard work. I just enjoy the results!”
Other residences include Greg and Patricia Southerland, Rob and Vicky Ayers, June Hill, Randy and Debbie Ary, Mrs. Patsy Baker, Ricky Edwards, Robin Last, Lowell and Marion Fields, Carolyn Deck, Jerry and Barbara Houston, Mrs. Paul Covington, Debbi Symmes, Ms. Mary McConnell, Danny and Sandra McElhiney, Steve and Vicki Vantease, and James and Brenda Harvey.  
One nominator stated this about a yard, “When you evaluate the couple’s residence, please take a peek into their back yard.  It is amazing and could be featured in any home and garden magazine or television show.”  
A daughter proudly stated that her parents’ front yard has “a beautiful curb appeal, but also their backyard has always been a ‘little piece of paradise’ for my sister and me”
La Cabana Restaurant, located at 305 Lindell St., stood out among the business.  That nominator noted, “Their flower boxes have done so much to spruce up downtown, especially since you stare right at them when turning off of Main Street. They may not be year round, but while they’re there, they make a huge difference!”
Another person agreed “that the window boxes bring the downtown to life.”
The other nominees were The Commons, First State Bank downtown, and Northwest TN Development District.   
Professional nurseryman James Wick believes the bank’s landscaping “illustrates the progressive thinking within our community, and reduces pollution and excess storm water run off.”
In the Public Place bracket, Harmon Park on College Street easily carried the day. What a wonderful contribution the development has made to that part of Martin!  Naturally, we thank all City officials for making that happen, and especially Parks Director Brian Moore and his workers Brad Rickman and Buddy Edgin.  
In the Church designation, St. Jude Catholic Church at 110 Hannings Lane edged out neighboring Trinity Presbyterian Church.  
Among the Adopt-A-Sites, the Martin Welcome Sign across from Walmart, adopted by the Optimist Church and maintained by Led Symmes, out-competed Poplar Falls Park and the James Wick and Rotary Club spots at Brian Brown Greenway.  Regarding the Poplar Falls Park, two nominators praised Martin Beautiful member Carolyn Deck specifically for her role in perfecting that spot and generally for “helping others with landscaping and historic preservation.” She and other Master Gardeners have worked many hours there and continue their efforts, including planning an irrigation system.
Martin Beautiful is continually seeking those interested in beautifying an area of town and giving it personal attention and care. Concerning downtown, we would be most happy for an individual or group to adopt the gazebo or the east side of the police building.  There may also be a plot near The Lindell. In addition, there is a spot at the Brian Brown Greenway parking lot suitable for creating a site.  
Martin Beautiful also calls attention to its Fall Garden Seminar, which is set for Saturday, Oct. 13 in the Watkins Auditorium at UT Martin’s Boling Center.  Additional details are also available at martinbeautiful.org. Martin Beautiful member Lon May has notably contributed pictures and Harriette Spiegel has done the technical work.
Marvin Downing, Chair
Martin Beautiful Committee

WCP 9.18.12


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