DAR members visit Dixie Gun Works

DAR members visit Dixie Gun Works

Posted: Friday, September 21, 2012 8:01 pm

DAR members visit Dixie Gun Works | Jacob Flournoy Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution

In promoting the “Preserve the Past” portion of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Historical Preservation Committee, members of the Jacob Flournoy DAR Chapter recently toured the gun room and museum of the Dixie Gun Works facilities in Union City.  
Betty Dunn, who has been affiliated with Dixie Gun Works for her entire adult life, guided the group through the family-owned corporation. DAR members were amazed to find such a complete collection of American history right in their own back door, a spokesman said.
 Workers were busy selling to walk-in customers and readying mail-order merchandise, sold to companies and individuals throughout the United States and to people in many foreign countries.  
As stated in the company brochure, “The Old Car Museum is a dream come true for Turner Kirkland. The dream began while he was a child when he visited many museums with his parents. Mr. Kirkland loved the orderly displays and educational opportunities he saw there and promised himself that one day he would become the curator of a museum.”
DAR members spent a time in yesteryear viewing the 36 completely restored antique automobiles and other unique displays, such as electric popcorn popper carts, an 1850 log house made into a complete gun shop, farm engines and antique bicycles. There was also a Civil War Sutlers’ Wagon, the wagon of a peddler who followed the troops.  
Those touring the plant left with a sense of pride in their local community and the ingenuity and expertise of Obion County citizens in providing employment for the many staff members and a preservation of history for all who visit Dixie Gun Works, a spokesman said.

Published in The Messenger 9.21.12

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