Palmersville Baptist Church news

Palmersville Baptist Church news

Posted: Thursday, September 20, 2012 6:00 pm
By: By Charlene Harris

On Wednesday night, Joe David and Grace Laws led us in singing, “Alleluia.” Our Bible study was from Ecclesiastes 1:4-2:18.

What a great day we Sunday. It was homecoming. We had a good attendance of 64. Our Sunday school lesson was “Right Motives,” from Matthew 6:1-34. Our lesson was about as we go about following Jesus, why we seek to obey God is as important as what we do. Some people measure their righteousness by the religious activities they perform. They believe their participation in those acts proves them to be righteous. Jesus taught, however, that why we engage in religious activities is as important as the activities themselves.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to Alison North. Happy 34th anniversary to Kerry and Charlene Harris. Our hymns of praise were “This Is the Day,” “I Will Sing the Wondrous Story,” “Heavenly Sunlight” and “I’d Rather Have Jesus.”

Bro. Tony Terrell brought our message from Luke 15:11-29, “The Other Brother.” It was an excellent message. The four points were 1) he had a faulty self-worth; 2) fragmented fellowship with the father; 3) he focused on the frivolous; and 4) forgot the forgiveness. We appreciate all our visitors that day. We had a good attendance of 100.

We then enjoyed a delicious meal, followed by some wonderful singing by Brotherly Love. Sunday was their last concert. They are retiring for a while to be with family. It was a great service. Also, we had guest who sang as well. There was no evening service.




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