Motivational Monday: Message powerful, but simple

Motivational Monday: Message powerful, but simple
Motivational Monday: Message powerful, but simple | Motivational Monday: Message powerful, but simple
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Retired teacher Faye Cross kicked off a series of weekly motivational seminars at Union City’s East Gate Village with a powerful, yet simple message.
“If you look inside your heart, you don’t have to be afraid of what you are,” she told a group of about 15 women who turned out for the motivational seminar. The line comes from the Mariah Carey song, “A Hero Lies in You.”
The title of the new motivational series is “Tearing Down the Walls of Destruction.”
Each Monday afternoon at the East Gate Village Community Center, sessions will be held to help anyone in need of a breakthrough or who needs to learn how to overcome adversity in their life.
The Motivational Mondays program was put together by Sharing and Caring Ministries in partnership with Healthy Lives for Healthy Families Inc.
“Today, my job is to motivate you,” Mrs. Cross said.
After 40 years of working in classrooms, she brought a sincere passion and her skills as a teacher to the program.
The program began and ended in prayer, and throughout Mrs. Cross’ presentation she referenced scripture to illustrate her points.
Mrs. Cross encouraged her audience to search within themselves for the hero referenced in the Mariah Carey song. She told the group about her personal life, her family and overcoming cancer.
“I’ve had my ups and downs,” she said.
As she spoke, two rows of “obstacles” were written on a nearby chalkboard — problems, regrets, doubt, self-pity, worry, stress, unresolved anger, pressure, insecurity, fear, guilt and frustration. Mrs. Cross then pointed to a large glass container half-full of water, and asked the group if they saw a glass half full, or half empty.
Mrs. Cross encouraged those in the group to “make peace with yourself” and said any change must come from within.
Through positive change comes “happiness through inner peace,” she said. “You must become engaged in positive change.”
She used words such as dignity and respect in her remarks and said all obstacles can be overcome with the right attitude.
For more information about the Motivational Mondays program, call the East Gate Village office at 885-3934.
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