Puckett re-elected chairman of Obion County Commission

Puckett re-elected chairman of Obion County Commission
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Longtime Obion County Commission member Ralph Puckett has been re-elected chairman of the legislative body.
Puckett was unanimously re-elected to lead the 21-member panel at this morning’s county com-mission meeting at the courthouse.
A former teacher and business owner, Puckett has served as a county commissioner for 46 years and as chairman for 21 years. He is a county commissioner from District 1, which includes South Fulton and the Harris and McConnell communities.
Puckett was nominated for re-election by commis-sioner Jerry Grady.
“I appreciate your con-fidence in me,” Puckett told his fellow commissioners as he also pledged to do what is best for Obion County.
Also this morning, the county commission unanimously re-elected commissioner Allen Noh-sey, an attorney, as chairman  pro tem. He was nominated by commissioner Terry Dwyer.
“I likewise appreciate it,” Nohsey said after being elected.
After the election, commissioners got right down to business — including acting on a recommendation from the county’s insurance committee regarding insurance for retired county employees.
The commission unanimously approved a recommendation for a retiree group health policy which will allow coverage to employees who have reached age 55 and have at least 25 years of service, as well as a spouse who is on the coverage for a minimum of 12 months coverage prior to the effective date of retirement.
Eligible retirees can choose to stay on Obion County government’s group health insurance plan until the retired employee reaches the age of 65 or until he or she becomes eligible for Medicare. If an employee has a dependent on the insurance, the dependent will be entitled to a maximum of 18 months of additional coverage under the COBRA law when the retired employee is no longer eligible due to age or Medicare eligibility, according to the proposal, presented by commissioner and insurance committee chairman Cloney Taylor.
Under a grandfather provision, any employee who is currently on the retiree plan will not be subject to the above rule for 18 months, since there was no written policy in force until today.
There will be no premium cost to the county for the continuing health insurance coverage for retired county employees.
Taylor made the motion to accept the policy as recommended by the insurance committee and it was approved by a vote of 18-0. Commissioner Jim Bondurant passed due to a conflict with his wife, Mary Nita Bondurant, working for the county’s insurance carrier and being directly involved in the policy.
In other action during this morning’s 22-minute meeting, which was opened with prayer led by Dwyer and with the Pledge of Allegiance, the commission:
• Approved reappointments to the county’s finance and legislative committees.
The finance committee includes commissioners Tim Doyle, Polk Glover and Taylor, as well as the county mayor and county trustee. The legislative committee includes commissioners Nohsey, Terry Roberts, Norma Fowler, Puckett and Doyle.
• Approved surety bonds for assessor of property Judy Smith; constables Bruce Davidson, Eugene Fletcher, James Hack and Bobby J. Hall; and highway department secretary Paula McGuire.
It was noted that constables pay their own premiums. They are required to be bonded, subject to county commission approval.
• Approved nine notary public applications.
• Was reminded of Tuesday night’s Tennessee County Commissioners Association meeting at Paris Landing State Park.
Commissioners Danny Jowers and Paul Albright were absent from this morning’s meeting.
Published in The Messenger 9.17.12

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