9/11 remembered through poem

9/11 remembered through poem

Posted: Friday, September 14, 2012 10:21 am

Many people can remember exactly what they were doing on Sept. 11, 2011.
A teenager at Dresden Middle School was so emotionally overwhelmed by the day’s events, she penned a poem.
Here are the day’s events as told by Dresden native 13-year-old Shonna Parker.
“In The Sky”
I looked up in the sky ad nothing did I see
Except for the smoke that swirled around me.
The crowds were amazing as the ambulances sped by
And I thought to myself it all started in the sky.
So many people hurt and many more killed.
No more room for help, the hospitals are filled.
Workers tried to help, the policemen did too.
I looked up in the sky. It was no longer blue.
People crowded the streets, their heads bowing down to pray
“Please God, help us to get through this day”.
The buildings then collapsed, they no longer stood.
So many people died while many knew they would.
I watched as the people jumped into the air
And no one could help, they could just stand there,
No one knows who or for the matter why.
All I know is that it all started in the sky.
 Parker is now 23 years old and attends Veterinary School in Knoxville. Her parents are Rodney and Vicki Parker. Her grandparents are Bobby and Suzy Parker of Union city and Rev. Charles and Darylnn Parker of Fulton, Ky.

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