Hutch’s Hit List — Fiery foreteller not bothered by a little heat

Hutch’s Hit List — Fiery foreteller not bothered by a little heat
Hutch's Hit List — Fiery foreteller not bothered by a little heat | Hutch's Hit List — Fiery foreteller not bothered by a little heat
If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
Admittedly smoked by a handful of incorrect calls involving local teams, the Hitman — the game’s greatest gridiron guru — will not give up his personalized apron of fiery Friday football forecaster just because of those isolated and uncharacteristic flame-ups.
The sizzling sideline soothsayer has cooked up 25 straight seasons of .800 or better with another batch of winners (70-17—.804 through four weeks) in the oven this year despite the flash-fire of a week ago that represented the first below the coveted mark in 2012.
Unfazed by that and the complaints of the few picky patrons who choose to fatten up in a buffet line while demanding free refills, the practically-perfect prep pigskin prognosticator will continue to offer up service with a smile along with his palate-pleasing picks.
Hoping not to wear smoldering slacks (liar, liar pants-on-fire) while serving this week’s menu, the awesome all-knowing augur rustles up instead his regular favorite dishes of truth and accuracy with a side of reality.
See you at the game.
GIBSON CO. @ OBION CENTRAL — While a battle of zero-win teams rarely generates much interest, this instance is far from the norm. The Pioneers, who have lost 36 straight dating back to the 2008 season, are reportedly still seething from a year ago when a heavily-favored and superior OC club onside kicked three straight times to start the game and a 48-point first-half outburst in what Gibson County perceived as an attempt to rub their noses in the dirt. The Rebels, who repeated that practice later in the year during a similar blowout of Haywood, offered no apologies to either in a stance of ‘it’s your job to stop us if you don’t like what we do.’ OCCHS graduate Morgan Cruce accepted the Herculean task of reversing the Pioneers’ woeful fortunes in his first head coaching gig and would like nothing better than to ruin his alma mater’s homecoming and alumni night festivities. And there was a precedent set in similar circumstances back in 2004 when GC broke a 38-game losing skid and crashed Central’s homecoming party with a stunning victory after the Rebs had beaten Union City the week before. Instead of getting caught up in the past of eight years ago and last season, OC would do well to focus on the here and now. Winnable games Friday and next week against currently-winless Montgomery Central would ease some of the frustration of the first month of the season that began with great promise from those within and close to the program. And while any celebration will likely be tempered somewhat because of the Rebels’ current slate, a reason to rejoice should never be passed up and surely beats the alternative. — OBION CENTRAL.
UNION CITY @ GREENFIELD — Their unbeaten bubble now busted, the Tornadoes can refocus their dreams on winning a district championship before what they hope is a deep playoff run. UC’s uninspired second-quarter play last week vs. Huntingdon was both bizarre and inexcusable if indeed lofty expectations are to be realized in the future. As a result of last week’s unexplainable letdown, and in an attempt to get the proper mindset for down the road, Purple and Gold practices have been particularly physical this week. On the other side, though, G’field’s winless record now — and perhaps at the conclusion of the season — won’t show it, the Yellowjackets are considerably better and more competitive than last year’s 0-10 squad. Greenfield led Lake County at the half a couple of weeks ago and has already scored more points in three games this season than it did in its first six outings in 2011. In the end, though, and on the scoreboard, none of those noticeable improvements will likely matter. — UNION CITY.
SOUTH FULTON @ HALLS — The Hitman’s homeboys are already at a crossroads with more than half the season still to play. At 2-2 and seemingly not fond of contact on either side of the ball so far, SF must toughen up considerably if it plans to make a fourth consecutive playoff trip, especially up front offensively and in the tackling department on the other side of the ball. A Halls bunch that passes the eye-ball test in their uniforms will attempt to impose its physical will on the Redmen and will undoubtedly pass the first lick to test the Devils’ manhood. And it the Big Red doesn’t stand up and answer the challenge, they’ll be reduced to simply playing out the string in the final five weeks. Time to man-up! — SOUTH FULTON.
In other games, it’ll be — Trenton over Lake Co., Gleason over McKenzie, Dresden over Bruceton, Huntingdon over West Carroll, Milan over South Gibson, Ripley over Westview, Covington over Crockett Co., Dyersburg over Haywood, USJ over JCS, Liberty over Lexington, Jackson Northside over Brighton, JCM over Fayette-Ware, Jackson South Side over McNairy Co., TCA over Middleton, Hardin Co. over Mem. Northside, Chester Co. over Bolivar, Adamsville over Scotts Hill and Ballard Memorial over Fulton Co.
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