Beulah Land Cowboy Church

Beulah Land Cowboy Church

Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2012 6:00 pm

The title of Bro. Roger’s message Sunday was “Loving God,” from Isaiah 40 and Psalms 103. God is our provider, protector and Savior.

Sarah Patel led the song service. Cassie Chapel provided the special music.

Prayer requests were taken and announcements made. Among the special prayer requests were Rick King and the Clark family.

Everyone had a great time at the revival last weekend at Parker’s Crossroad Campground.  Bro. Brian Duncan was fired up with some great messages from God. The Sniders provided the music, which is always a blessing.

The winners of the Fishing Tournament Saturday were Eli Duncan in the Junior Youth category and Payton Wilson in the Senior Youth category. Congratulations to them both.

Sunday night Bro. Roger’s message was titled “If You Work, You’re Going to Get Dirty.”  You will have to deal with difficult situations when you serve God.

There was a wonderful barbeque meal served after the service.


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