Abundant Life Assembly of God – Sharon

Abundant Life Assembly of God – Sharon

Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2012 6:00 pm
By: By Mary M Jones

On Sunday, Bro. Bobby Peal opened our service by singing “Everybody Will Be Happy Over There.”

Edna Johle taught the adult Sunday school lesson from Hebrews 4:9, which says, “Christians experiences rest in Christ.”

Bro. Bobby announced the coming event, a sandwich, finger foods and ice cream social Oct. 14 after morning service. The children of the church helped lead “Glory Glory” and “He’s a Big God.” Mary led “Won’t It Be Wonderful There?” and “Just a Little While.” Prayer requests were made and prayed over. Bro. Bobby led “I Love You With the Love of the Lord” while everyone walked around hugging and shaking hands. Patsy Baker sang “You Can’t Ask too Much of My God.” Martha Kotarba sang “Sheltered in the Arms of God.” Harvey Dildine sang “Beulah Land.”

Bro. Bobby turned to Numbers 22:15-18, where God showed his power through the speaking of a donkey to his master. The angel of the Lord appeared to Baalam and he fell to the ground. The Angel of the Lord could have slain Baalam for not obeying God, but spared him and the donkey, for the animal obeyed, but Baalam sinned by not obeying God’s wishes. It only takes the sense of a donkey to know we serve an awesome God. 

Mary opened our evening service leading “The Gloryland Way,” “I Feel Like Traveling On” and “The Lily of the Valley.” Mary sang “My Savior’s Precious Blood.”

Bro. Bobby turned to Acts 17:30-31, without repentance there is no good after life, John 8:24, 1 Corinthians 3:19-20 and 1 Corinthians 1:18. We must try every day to be a good example of what a Christian is like as there are many watching.

We assembled at the altar in our prayer circle to pray for the needs.


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