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Freeman Chapel News

Freeman Chapel News

Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2012 6:00 pm
By: By Elizabeth Blake

We did not have many at church Sunday so I don’t have any news.

Rev. Suzie preached a good sermon, titled “Are You Listening?” from Matthew and Corinthians.

Rev. Suzie is having surgery in about two weeks. We don’t know who will do our preaching until she gets well.

We were glad to have our visitors Sunday. Hazel Gill and daughter, Rhonda, and Rev. Suzie’s daughter visited. Rev. Suzie’s daughter goes to UTM and lives in Martin. We hope they will come back again.

I really had a good 90th birthday. Thanks to all who sent cards, telephoned and everything else done to make my birthday special.

Thought of the week: “There are too many dads who tie up their dogs at night, but let their sons run loose.”


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