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Report is mostly ghostly

Report is mostly ghostly

Posted: Friday, August 17, 2012 4:00 pm

It’s been nearly three weeks since investigators with Ken-Tenn Paranormal conducted an on-site investigation of a suspected haunted house in Union City. The team of four investigators spent seven hours at the residence and employed the use of infrared digital video cameras, a digital EMF meter, a laser thermometer, digital voice recorders, digital cameras and a ghost box.
During the overnight investigation, the team from Ken-Tenn Paranormal compiled 25 hours of digital video and nine hours of audio tape.
The conclusion: “During the course of the investigation, Chris (Henderson) and Matt (Gardner) noted a few personal experiences. At one point, Chris observed what appeared to be a shadow in the living room area that moved across the window area.”
The Union City resident who requested the investigation has received a thorough one-page report from Ken-Tenn Paranormal. The report details the results of the team’s investigation.
In the report, the team explained attempts were made to logically explain two separate incidents in which team members experienced unexplainable occurrences in the home.
“At one point, Matt observed what appeared to be a shadow peaking into the room from the hallway,” the report states. “This experience was also unable to be debunked by the investigators.”
In addition to the visual experiences, the KTP investigative team also identified three audio clips that couldn’t be explained.
The KTP investigation has brought some relief to the resident of the haunted house.
“I feel a whole lot better now that Ken-Tenn Paranormal has done their investigation. I feel a lot safer in my house now,” she told The Messenger today.

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