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Pleasant Hill Baptist Church news

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church news

Posted: Thursday, August 9, 2012 6:00 pm
By: By Beverly Smith Bastyr

Isn’t it great to know Jesus. We are enjoying our revival with Bro. John Allen May from Mississippi and Daniel Doss leading the music.

Sunday was our homecoming and we had a full house. I heard that they had to bring in some seats for visitors. I sit on the second row from the front, so I don’t know what happens toward the back during worship service. It was great to see old friends from the past.

It was good to see Russell Cook back home for homecoming. He has been putting some great looking pictures on Facebook of beautiful scenery in East Tennessee.

It was also good to see Tommy and Peggy Carr in church Monday night. Tommy has been out a couple months with knee replacement surgery on both knees. He is on a walker but seems to be getting along very well.

It was good to also see Doris Prince from near Chicago. She is a former member of Pleasant Hill.

Seymour Mansfield is very, very ill. He has been a faithful servant of the Lord and of our church. Our prayers are with him, Dolores and the family.

Gauge’s garden is just about dried up from the lack of rain, but he has thoroughly enjoyed planting every seed and picking everything that grew in it. He even shucked the corn, shelled the peas and snapped the green beans. My job was quiet easy, just putting them in the freezer.

Ms. Estelle Magness celebrated her 92nd birthday Monday. Enjoying birthday cake with her, made by Joyce Lee, were Joe and Joyce Lee, Larry and Mary Fowler, Verna Lee, Shirley Cheatham and Rebecca Hundley. Other visitors during the day were her granddaughter, Jill Magness; her pastor, Bro. Mac McCaleb; and Austin Kellough.

I want to wish my childhood best friend, Sue Bell Roberts, a very happy, belated birthday.

Other Pleasant Hill birthdays for this week are: Estelle Magness, Dorothy Cross, Cathy Hazlewood, Andrew Smith, Kim McCaleb, Bradley Hahn, Maley Mount and Mike Higgs.

Until next week, may God bless.



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