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Deed Transfers

Deed Transfers

Posted: Wednesday, August 8, 2012 8:00 pm

The following deed transfers were filed July 31-Aug. 7 in the office of Obion County Register of Deeds Vicky Long.
The transfers listed exclude deeds of trust (mortgages on real estate) and any miscellaneous instruments recorded in the register’s office. The list is published in its entirety, without exception, from record books in the register’s office.
Amounts are not shown for true quitclaim deeds, or deeds in which a husband and wife divide property. Deeds conveying property to a state, the federal government or a city are exempt from the state transfer tax.
• Jeffrey D. Morris and Brandy M. Morris to Greg A. King and Linda King, Dist. 13, $65,000.
• Michael F. Tucker, Pat B. Stewart and Lisa T. Phillips, co-trustees, to Sarah E. Baker, Dist. 13, $72,000.
• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Ray Roney and Edna K. Roney, Dist. 13, $14,000.
• Bank of New York Mellon to Ty A. Walley, Dist. 12, $54,500.
• Harris Properties LLC to Ray Roney and Edna K. Roney, Dist. 13, $8,000.
• Paul R. Hart to Marie Adkins and Connie Chalker, Dist. 6, $18,000.
• Darrell Autry and Linda Autry to Darla Woods, Brandon Charles Woods and John Tyler Woods, Dist. 12, quitclaim deed.
• Kenneth Pink and Shanon Pink to Terry L. Chamberlain and Denese Dawn Chamberlain, Dist. 10, $112,500.
• Juanita Griffin, Teresa Griffin Brooks and Carlin T. Brooks, D. Trent Griffin and Marlene Griffin, Amelia Griffin Ford and Scott Ford to Maurice Carroll and Luz Carroll, Dist. 13, $110,000.
• Fredy J. Venczel and Jill Delean Venczel to Don M. Coffman, Dist. 6, $122,500.
• Charles T. Hammond to Charles T. Hammond Jr. and Timothy B. Hammond, Dist. 1, quitclaim deed.
• Harold Tivis and Cindy Tivis to Jeremy Tivis, Dist. 1, quitclaim deed.
• Stephen L. Hughes, substitute trustee, to First State Finance Inc., Dist. 13, $63,866.73.
• Fannie Mae, also known as Federal National Mortgage Association, to Christy Jordan, $41,000.
• Estate of W.F. “Pete” Young to Jose Carmen Torres and Reyna Morales de Torres, Dist. 6, $17,a.
• David Reid Blurton and Leigh Ann Blurton to Dennis M. Shemwell and Phyllis D. Shemwell, Dist. 6, $108,000.
• Shane Dodson and Kathy Dodson to James C. Hall and Tiffany A. Hall, Dist. 1, $77,500.
• First State Finance Inc. to Yolaunda Lyn French, Barry Whitehouse and Mary J. Whitehouse, Dist. 12, $37,000.
• Kristan Poyner, individually and as administratix, Alyssa Kimbler, Laura Williams and Georgia Leach to Mark Vaughn, Dist. 16, $40,000.
• Melanie Dial, Jessica McGuire and Jennifer Dial and Melanie Dial, administratix, to Melanie Dial, Dist. 6, $160,000.
• Von Fletcher and Denise K. Fletcher to Joe W. Simpson and Jonathan Dwayne Jonas, Dist. 1, $44,500.
• Daniel I. Smith Jr. and Zefan Lu to Sylvia I. Soto, Dist. 13, $40,000.
• Stuart Lemon to Jennifer Lemon, Dist. 16, quitclaim deed.
• Jessica Ann Dial (now McGuire) and Jennifer Mai Dial to Eric Scott Hall and Jennifer J. Hall, Dist. 6, $7,500.
• Linda Gail Zumwalt and Ronnie Dale Barber to Teresa Diane Scott, Carol Lynn Goodale and Daryl Lee Barber, Dist. 9, quitclaim deed.
• Charles R. Williams, trustee, to Bobby Lafever and Annette Lafever, Dist. 13, $20,000.
• Shirley B. Hollis, James Tony Bullion, Ramona B. Holloway, Robbie B. Koupa, Bobbie Joe Bullion and Paula B. Winchester to Donald R. Walton and Kelly L. Walton, Dist. 15, $35,000.
• Daniel Rissler and Sara Rissler to David L. Suarez, Dist. 8, $2,500.

Published in The Messenger 8.8.12

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