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Local CAP Unit attends radio classes

Local CAP Unit attends radio classes

Posted: Friday, August 3, 2012 12:01 am

Local CAP Unit attends radio classes | Local CAP Unit attends radio classes

On July 28, the Everett-Stewart Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol traveled to Jackson-McKellar Sipes Regional Airport for radio communications training.
The senior members who attended were Capt. Sylvia Mallard, Capt. Charlton Young, First Lt. Camilla Young, Second Lt. David Willford, Second Jaclyn Cook, Second David Cook, SM Belinda Mealer, SM James Mealer, and SM Jimmy Smith.
The cadets who also attended were c/SMSgt. Justin Mealer, c/MSgt. Auriel Brock, c/MSgt. William Thralls, c/Airman Basic Johnny Mealer, and c/Airman Basic Brittany.
Other squadrons in attendance were Millington Composite Squadron and Jackson-Madison County Senior Squadron.
The CAP members participated in basic or advanced communications user training or both classes.
The instructor was Major David Stoner, the Tennessee Wing Communication Training Officer.
The courses consisted of an instruction about how people communicate, an overview of the main points/objectives, the principles of communications, the different types of CAP radios, the proper and improper use of the radios based on CAP’s communications regulations, the correct prowords, and pronunciation the phonetic alphabet and numbers.
Major Stoner also spoke about when CAP members are authorized utilize the radios for the organization’s communication facilities which included emergencies, flying administration, training, and support  to federal, state, and local agencies.
Major Stoner continued with a discussion on the different frequencies CAP utilizes, the call signs for Tennessee Wing members, vehicles, and aircrafts, and the three different professional levels for communication training, badges, and patch.
Finally, Major Stoner discusses what a member could achieve and train after completing these courses, which included speaking on CAP radios and later becoming a Mission Radio Operator.

Published in The WCP 8.2.12

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