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Duck blind drawings Saturday; water level lows low on area lakes, rivers

Duck blind drawings Saturday; water level lows low on area lakes, rivers

Posted: Friday, August 3, 2012 12:00 pm

Even though it is 95 degrees outside now, a few weeks and months down the road things will begin to cool off and will be time for the 2012-13 waterfowl season.
Around these parts, you will have several opportunities to draw for a duck blind to hunt in he upcoming waterfowl season. This gives folks chances on a place to hunt for the year when before the drawings they may not have anywhere to hunt that they can call their own for a season.
Each year, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency hosts duck blind drawings across West Tennessee.   
On Saturday, draw blind sites for one season will be held for Barkley Unit I, Big Sandy (including Gin Creek Unit), Camden Units I and II, Cheatham Lake, Gooch Unit A (Obion), Harmon Creek, Haynes Bottom, Old Hickory Units I and II, Tigrett, AEDC (Woods Reservoir), West Sandy and Reelfoot Lake.
The locations for the drawings are: Big Sandy, Little League Park; West Sandy, Henry County Fairgrounds; Barkley WMA, Dover High School; Reelfoot WMA, Reelfoot State Park; Tigrett WMA, First Citizen Bank Pavilion at the Fairgrounds; Gooch WMA, Obion City Park.
Individuals wishing to compete in the drawing must appear in person at the designated location, with the appropriate licenses and permits and submit an application between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. The drawing will be held immediately after the last person signs up. One application is permitted per person and no one may apply for more than one area. Each applicant must be at least 16 years old to compete in the drawing or sign-on.
Water levels on area rivers, lakes and ponds continue to drop day by day. As long as we stay in this dry spell, evaporation rates will continue to take their toll on water levels. Right now, the Mississippi River is showing the hardest hit area with the Hickman Harbor being one place that the low waters is affecting each day, enough the Army Corps of Engineers have moved in to help dredge out the harbor making it accessible for towboats.
Here is a rundown of area lakes and rivers water levels.
Reelfoot Lake is currently 280.65 feet above sea level range. Normal pool level is 282.20 feet above sea level. That would make Reelfoot Lake at least a foot and a half lower than the normal if not more.
Kentucky Lake was at its all-time summer high just last weekend reaching the summer pool level of 359.0 feet above sea level mark. The lake is now slowly falling down toward the TVA winter pool level mark of 354.0 feet above sea level. As of midweek, Kentucky Lake was in the 358.27 feet above sea level range.
The Mississippi River has seen the most notable low water levels.
The Cairo gauge, which most in this area go by, is predicted as follows: Friday, 12 feet; Saturday, 11 feet; and Sunday, 10 feet.
Down at Gibson County Lake, the waters there are dropping everyday. The loading and unloading you boat is already becoming problem but about to become even more of a problem.
The lake is low enough the ramp there could do damage to both your trailer and your boat. Just take it very slowly, trim your motor almost out of the water and back in and pull out very slowly as well. There is nowhere to land your boat except on rocks and, for the life of me, I have no clue why the TWRA folks or someone hasn’t already installed a new dock. The old dock was blown away last year by a storm and this makes for a very difficult deal for everyone. It helps to have a fishing partner with you to make things a little easier.
It seems Reelfoot Pond is all back together again and should be back up to the normal level soon. Thanks to the City of Union City, which has made it possible to have and maintain two small bodies of ponds inside the city limits for people to fish and enjoy the outdoors with their families. My hat’s off to you and everyone involved.
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Til next week,
Catch ya on the water folks.

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