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Orientation, registrations planned for Weakley County students

Orientation, registrations planned for Weakley County students

Weakley County Schools will host a kindergarten parent-student orientation in each of the elementary schools on Aug. 8-9. The orientation will allow parents and students to become acquainted with the classroom on a daily basis. Registration for Weakley County Schools will be held Friday from 8-11:30 a.m. Parents of kindergarten students will be asked to sign up for an orientation time best suited to fit their schedule next Wednesday and Thursday.

Parents are urged to make every effort to be a part of this special kindergarten parent-student orientation. Topics to be discussed will include the schedule for alternate attendance, materials and supplies that each student will need, and other information pertinent to a successful kindergarten experience.
The Weakley County School System recognizes that in order to be successful, parental involvement is essential. Therefore, it is critical that every kindergarten student be represented by a parent or guardian at the kindergarten parent-student orientation.
Parents who have a child of kindergarten age (five years old by Sept. 30 of the current year) who have not been formally registered for kindergarten in the Weakley County Schools, should contact their school as soon as possible to discuss the registration process.

The first full day of school for students is Wednesday, Aug. 8.

WCP 8.02.12

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