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Tax-free weekend Friday to Sunday; registration Monday

Tax-free weekend Friday to Sunday; registration Monday
The school supplies aisles are stocked in stores, school lists have been sent out and sale signs are up. It’s time for another tax-free weekend.
The seventh annual Sales Tax Holiday is set for Friday through Sunday, during which time Tennessee shoppers can save nearly 10 percent on tax-free clothing, school and art supplies and computer purchases.
“The annual Sales Tax Holiday was designed with Tennessee families in mind, providing savings for families, especially as students start the new school year,” Gov. Bill Haslam said.
The holiday begins Friday at 12:01 a.m. and ends Sunday at 11:59 p.m.
During the designated three-day weekend, consumers will not pay state or local sales tax on clothing with a price of $100 or less per item, school and art supplies with a price of $100 or less per item and computers with a price of $1,500 or less.
“As in years past, last year’s tax-free weekend was very successful, providing Tennessee taxpayers nearly $9.6 million in tax savings,” said revenue commissioner Richard H. Roberts. “We are hopeful that all Tennessee shoppers will take advantage of the tax relief provided by the 2012 Sales Tax Holiday.”
With school starting up in the next few weeks, local students and families will take full advantage of the tax-free weekend.
Registration for Obion County Schools is Monday starting at 8 a.m. for new students and students changing to a different school within the county system. If students are continuing at the same school, they do not have to attend the registration day. Classes start Aug. 13. For more information, call 885-9743.
Registration for Union City Schools is Monday and this day counts as the first day of attendance. All students must conform to dress code.
Students new to Union City Schools who have not pre-registered for this school year should go by their respective school and register before Monday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. New students need to bring their Social Security number, birth certificate, immunization record and two proofs of their Union City residence.
Union City Elementary School students will register at the following times: kindergarten at 8 a.m., third grade at 9, first grade at 10, fourth grade at 11, second grade at 1 p.m. and fifth grade at 2. If parents have more than one child to register, they may register them at the youngest child’s assigned time.
Union City Middle School students will register between 8-10:30 a.m. They should be accompanied by an adult.
For students attending Union City High School, each class should report to the Civic Auditorium Monday at the following times: seniors at 8 a.m., juniors at 8:30, sophomores at 9 and freshmen at 9:45.
Freshmen will do a walk through of their classes and will be dismissed at 3 p.m. All other classes will take 30 minutes to register.
If students do not show up, they will be marked absent for the day. Buses will not run on registration day. Regular classes start Aug. 8. For more information, contact 885-3922.
Though school starts after the Sales Sax Holiday, many schools have put out supply lists to prepare families for what they need to buy.
“The tax free holiday in August is important for Tennesseans to utilize, especially in a year like we’ve experienced,” said state Rep. Bill Sanderson of Kenton. “I know families are struggling, but this tax holiday will provide an opportunity for families to purchase needed school supplies without the burden of a nearly 10 percent tax on top of their purchases.”
To learn more about the items exempt from sales tax during the holiday, visit the Sales Tax Holiday website at The Tennessee Department of Revenue also assists consumers via e-mail,, and through its toll-free statewide telephone hot line, 800-342-1003. Staff is available to answer questions Monday through Friday 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
Examples of exempt items include:
• Clothing: Shirts, dresses, pants, coats, gloves and mittens, hats and caps, hosiery, neckties, belts, sneakers, shoes, athletic or non-athletic uniforms and scarves
• School Supplies: Binders, book bags, calculators, tape, chalk, crayons, erasers, folders, glue, pens, pencils, lunch boxes, notebooks, paper, rulers and scissors
• Art Supplies: Clay and glazes; acrylic, tempera and oil paints; paintbrushes for artwork; sketch and drawing pads; and watercolors
• Computers: Central processing unit (CPU), along with various other components including monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables to connect components and preloaded software (Note: While the CPU may be purchased separately, other items must be part of a bundled computer package in order to be eligible.) iPads and other tablet computers are eligible for tax exemption, while smart phones and video game consoles are not.
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