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Fincher makes stop in Martin

Fincher makes stop in Martin
Fincher makes stop in Martin | Fincher makes stop in Martin

MEET AND GREET – U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher mixed and mingled with local constituents during a visit to the Weakley County Republican headquarters on Lindell Street in downtown Martin Monday evening. The 2-year congressman talked about national defense s
Congressman Stephen Fincher made a pit stop in Martin Monday to inform his constituents of his past progress and future plans.
Fincher appeared at the Weakley County Republican Party headquarters for a congressional visit. Along with other area Republican leaders, Mark Braden also attended to represent U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, who couldn’t attend because the Senate was in session.
Fincher spoke to a packed house while he discussed the current situation in Washington and how it would have an impact on the 8th Congressional District. Fincher made it clear that he stood alongside the Republican Party values.
“We’ve got to get back to America,” said Fincher. “We don’t need to redefine. We need to get back to the basics.”
Fincher also spoke about the recent drought in the area.
“It’s going to be a tough year for the ag industry in the country. That’s going to trickle back down to the consumers.”
According to Fincher, 80 percent of the proposed Farm Bill is for non-farmers and programs such as nutritional programs, SNAP, and welfare.
They are expecting cuts by up to 38 percent from crop-related programs such as the target price system, while the proposed nutrition program cuts are only by about 2 percent.
“It’s about an economical and safe food supply, and us keeping the independence we have. We owe a lot to the American Farmer.”
Fincher also spoke on the nation’s defense policy.
“If you gut defense too much, we will go down. Yes, we can make some cuts, but we need to be careful and be sure that we don’t go around the world getting in fights. The troops are weary.”
Many of the Weakley County residents who attended the visit were content with Fincher’s job, including Eddy White of Martin.
“I hope he continues doing what he’s doing,” said White. “He does what he says he’s going to do, and to me, that says a lot.”
Braden, who serves as campaign manager for Bob Corker’s campaign, spoke later to the audience about some of Corker’s policies. According to Braden, Corker’s top priorities are jobs and the economy.
Braden spoke on Corker’s opposing stance to President Obama’s health care plan, and mentioned that Corker was trying to repeal Obamacare.
“With health care, we are working on the Obamacare tax,” said Braden. “It’s the largest tax increase in American history.”   
The two Republican candidates in the State Senate District 24 race, Danny Jowers of Kenton and John Stevens of Huntingdon, also attended the event.
Published in The WCP 7.19.12

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