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UT Martin teacher education grads highly rated

UT Martin teacher education grads highly rated

Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 6:00 pm

The Messenger 07.18.12

University of Tennessee at Martin teacher education graduates are highly rated by the schools that employ them, based on results of a recent employer survey conducted by the university.
The survey is required every two years by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. The UTM teacher education program is both NCATE accredited and approved by the state.
Employers were asked to compare UT Martin teacher education graduates with teachers in their schools who possessed similar experience. Twenty-five percent of respondents ranked the university’s teacher education graduates in the top 10 percent, while 38 percent ranked them in the top 30 percent.
“Eighty percent of the respondents stated that UT Martin teacher education graduates possess ‘in-depth content knowledge,’” said Dr. Mary Lee Hall, dean of the College of Education, Health and Behavioral Sci-ences.
Dr. Hall added that teacher education graduates ranked a four (out of five) on “designing units of instruction that focus on state standards,” a 4.2 on using technology to enhance and extend learning tasks and a four on exhibiting and promoting ethical and professional behavior as a teacher.
“There were a total of 68 respondents to the survey, which was sent to approximately 120 administrators,” Dr. Hall said. “A return rate of 57 percent is phenomenal.”
Of those responding to the survey, Dr. Hall said 50 percent were principals, 7.1 percent assistant principals, 10.7 percent school directors, 30.4 percent supervisors and 1.8 percent board office employees. The majority of school-level administrators responding were in the elementary and high school settings.
“The results indicate that school districts across West Tennessee are very satisfied with the quality of teacher education graduates produced by the UT Martin teacher education program,” Dr. Hall added.


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