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Opposites can work together

Opposites can work together

Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 7:00 pm

To The Editor:
As we enter this election season, there is something both sides should consider as they go to the polls.
This country was born from the ideal of opposites working together toward good solutions more productively than groups from the same polarization or only one side of the fence. The idea that this country would be better off if all liberals were done away with is as crazy as the opposite idea that we’d be better off if all the conservatives were sent to their own island to live. The point is finding the balance between the two that’s best for a nation as diverse as ours.
A mix of the best ‘capitalist’ and ‘socialist’ ideas empowers citizens to strive to better themselves and their position in life. While ‘capitalism’ provides opportunity to go for the moon, ‘socialism’ can provide the rungs at the bottom of the ladder so all can have that opportunity.
Anyone who uses a public highway, a public water and sewer system, went to a public school, uses public parks, or has called the police or fire department for assistance has participated in ‘socialist’ programs.
Anyone who uses a bank, shops at a store, or works at coming up with the next great business model is participating in ‘capitalism.’
Pure conservatism is as bad as pure liberalism; together their opposing ideas keep the worst of each in check.
Together these two ideologies make up the thread that holds this great country together. Take one away, and it will unravel at its core.
Tim Brady

Published in The Messenger 7.18.12

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