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Road signs are tribute to Summitt’s legacy

Road signs are tribute to Summitt’s legacy
Road signs are tribute to Summitt's legacy | WCMT, Thunderbolt Broadcasting, Coach Pat Head Summitt, City of Martin

Martin Mayor Randy Brundige (from left), joined aldermen David Belote, Johnny Tuck, Danny Nanney, WCMT owner and general manager Paul Tinkle and alderman Randy Edwards in support of four signs commissioned by Tinkle

A local business owner has created a way to publicly honor legendary Coach Pat Head Summitt.
Paul Tinkle, owner and general manager of Thunderbolt Broadcasting (WCMT), said after Summitt publicly announced her retirement this spring, he wanted to do his part to show the coach how proud the community was of her success.
“I felt this was a way for the City of Martin to recognize her and let people know that for four years, Martin, Tennessee, was home to one of the winningest coaches in history. This is where she got her secondary education and these signs are a way to say we are proud you chose Martin,” Tinkle said.
With the blessing of the City of Martin, Tinkle commissioned the funds to have four highway signs bearing “Martin, TN College Home of Coach Pat Head Summitt, sponsored by WCMT Sports” stamped to be located at the four entrances into the City of Martin.
One sign is placed on East Main Street near the Weakley Farmer’s Co-op; a second is located near the Martin Recreation Complex; the third is placed in between South Fulton and Martin on Highway 45 North; and a fourth sign is located near Highway 431 and Walmart.
The only cost to the taxpayers was in the form of labor to place the signs at the four locations.
Tinkle lauded the efforts of Martin Public Works Director Billy Wagster in securing the signs’ locations.
With gas lines, electrical and telephone lines as factors in their locations, Tinkle said Wagster took the project very personal to ensure the signs were prominently and safely located around Martin.
“After she announced her retirement I went to the city asking for their blessing and I was overwhelmed with their support. I like it when the community can give back to the city and it is nice for us to be a part of it. It also puts a spin on when people are traveling through Martin. It might prompt people to stop and want to take a tour of UT Martin or see where she played basketball at Pat head Summitt Court,” Tinkle added.
Long-time friend Donna Wilson said she spoke with Summitt after she was sent pictures of the signs and Summitt said she was absolutely honored by the gesture and looked forward to seeing them in the fall when she plans to return to her Alma mater.
Tinkle and Summitt were classmates at UTM.
The business owner also commissioned signs in Dresden in honor of basketball legends and natives Popeye Jones and Coach Lin Dunn.

WCP 7.12.12

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