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Weekend storms cause damage

Weekend storms cause damage
Weekend storms cause damage | thunderstorms

TWICE THE DAMAGE – Kris Syndor (right) assessed the damage sustained after a brief thunderstorm brought high winds and a small shower Friday afternoon. Syndor’s truck, along with his friend Veronica Knight’s vehicle were crushed by a tree that snapped that afternoon. Neighbors Cheyenne Tibbs (left) and Arlene Clemons stopped to survey the damage with Syndor. Though Friday’s storm came and went quickly, it caused power outages across the county and sent crews out to clear downed trees and branches from roads. Add to that a rash of thunderstorms which hit the county Sunday evening, and county residents are still cleaning up the debris. The storms brought much-needed rain – nearly 1-2 inches – to thirsty crops and gardens, along with cooler temperatures projected for the remainder of the week. High temperatures are expected to be in the 80s through Friday.

WCP 7.10.12

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