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Figuring it out: Woodland Mills officials address budget

Figuring it out: Woodland Mills officials address budget
Associate Editor
It was all about figures at the Woodland Mills mayor and board of aldermen meeting Monday night.
With alderman Waymon Reagan absent due to health reasons, Mayor Wade Carrington and alderman Tom Menees worked their ways through a mountain of figures to approve budget amendments for the 2011-12 fiscal year budget and budget figures for the 2012-13 fiscal year budget.
Amendments for the 2011-12 budget were approved on second reading in order to get the budget ready for auditors.
Figures in the new budget included in the General Fund — $80,410 in revenues and $63,394 in expenses; State Street Aid Fund — $10,602 in revenues and $10,500 in expenses; Refuse Collection — $23,000 in revenues and $27,000 in expenses; and Sewer Fund — $158,000 in revenues and $156,783 in expenses. A second reading on the budget will be held July 23 at 5 p.m.
The two voted to keep the property tax rate at 65 cents per $100 of assessed property.
Carrington noted that $117 was collected in 2011 property taxes over the last month. Still owed are $167 from 2009, $419 from 2010 and $1,058 from 2011.
Financial reports ending June 30 approved included total assets of $9,164.76 in the Refuse Collection Fund, $7,052.96 in the State Street Aid Fund, $554,533.99 in the Sewer Fund and $159,197.81 in the General Fund.
Carrington and Menees also approved a bid of $1,016 from Signs & Designs at Lanzer Printing and Office Supply in Union City to provide the sign for the Civic Center. It will be black letters on a white background.
They also agreed to make a $250 contribution to the Tennessee I-69 coalition.
Figures the two men decided to wait on until Reagan could have input were those for repaving roads in Woodland Mills. Submitted bids for a list of roads which need to be repaired included $112,800 from Roach, $114,190 from Ford and $171,000 from Dugger. The board will have to decide which streets need to be fixed first. A special meeting may be held prior to next month’s regular meeting to make the decision.
Also discussed during the meeting, which was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Menees and in prayer by Carrington, the men discussed property in the city which needs to be mowed. The family has been contacted several times. The mayor will call again. It was also noted that “no man’s land” between Highway 5 and Maplehurst Subdivision has “never looked better” since the city has started maintaining it.
Menees noted he was to attend a pipeline conference in Dyersburg today.
After the meeting, Carrington told The Messenger he will be sending letters to Woodland Mills residents explaining that rural fire coverage for the city will be through the Union City Fire Department. City recorder Thelma Green said she has received several phone calls about the matter at City Hall.
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Published in The Messenger 7.10.12

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