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W.C. Deed Transfers – 7.05.12

W.C. Deed Transfers – 7.05.12

Posted: Friday, July 6, 2012 1:40 pm

• James A. Long and Jackie Long to Nathaniel Brown, District 16, $30,000.
• Trudy McKelvy to Rachel Eleanor Dean, Laralee S. Boyd and Hugh Scott Boyd, District 9, $38,500.
• Larry Mount and Linda Sue Mount Baty to Robert D. Summers and Pattie Sue Summers, District 8, $6,000.
• Mildred B. Maddox to Kevin Johnson and Cindy Johnson, District 11, $25,443.78.
• Stephen Crouse to Christopher A. Pentecost and Angie Pentecost, District 9, $5,500.
• Eden Skye Gifford, Ronald Lynn Gifford (heirs) to Ovid T. Rogers, Ruby Rogers and Ben Johnson, District 25, $88,000.
• Charles R. Breeden to Greg Gunter and Shawn Gunter, District 2, $22,000.
• Kara Suzanne Hooper and Gayle Annette McFarland to Blaine William Gamble (trustee), Doris Mae Gamble (trustee), Blaine and Doris Gamble (trust), District 14, $116,000.
• Wells Fargo Bank (trustee) and Pooling Servicing Agreement to Jesse Doster and Beatrice Doster, $29,199.
• Dorothy M. Brasfield to Lee Ann Usery and Gregory R. Usery, District 9, $48,445.51
• Harald Melson and Denair S. Melson to Eleanor E. Gardner and William J. Trimble, District 2, $131,500.
• David Edward Farrow and Holly Farrow to Gregory Robinson and Kimberly K. Robinson, District 3, $89,000.
• Federal Home Mortgage Corporation to Joe D. Hampton and Lois Hampton, $15,000.
• Russell D. Sandefer and Mary Sandefer to Keith O. Jones and Judy B. Jones, District 2, $42,000.
• Captola Winstead to Bill Hayes and Mark Aguarie, District 24, $22,000.
• Ruth O. Alsup (revocable living trust) and Thomas Alsup (trustee) to Edward Lynn Scarbrough, District 15, $141,305.
• Faye Gardner Scates to Johnathan M. Nanney, Johnny Nanny, Keely Wilson Nanney, District 2, $79,200.
• Faye Gardner Scates to Stephen Lamar Clayton (trustee) and Briar Creek (irrevocable trust), District 2, $33,000.
• Marie P. Mangum to Billy Gene Gardner and Linda Kay Gardner, District 8, $6,000.
• Shirley Howard Garner, Tammy Garner Hill and Lindsey Jo Garner to Midway Properties, Inc., District 3, $160,000.
• Larry Levister, Brenda Levister, Gary Olds and Gailya Olds to Kelly Coleman and Kim Coleman, District 7, $120,000.
• Johnnie Darnell to William Wesley Darnell, District 24, $3,000.
• William Thomas Liggett and Nancy Ann Liggett to Christopher G. Bills and Cynthia Bills, District 9, $85,000.
• Roy H. Dunning to Michael Maggard and Christina V. Maggard, District 15, $36,930.98.
• Ronnie Blakemore to Buck Hurt and Joyce Hurt, District 7, $51,000.
• Sheila Lee to Brandon Lee Spain, District 11, $6,000.

WCP 7.05.12


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