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Site certification program launched

Site certification program launched

Posted: Friday, July 6, 2012 12:54 pm

Nashville – The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development announced recently it is launching a new, statewide site certification program. The Select Tennessee Certified Sites Program helps Tennessee communities prepare available sites for investment and expansion.
The program sets a consistent and rigorous standard upon which companies can rely in making critical location decisions.
“In our day-to-day work with site selection consultants and corporate officials, we hear over and over again the importance of demonstrating our readiness for new business investment and expansion,” ECD Commissioner Bill Hagerty said.
The program acknowledges that companies looking to expand or relocate their operations often eliminate less prepared sites and addresses this issue by ensuring sites meet a specific standard. A hallmark of the program is ensuring that Tennessee sites are ready for development, whether through marketing those ready for a prospect or providing guidance for uncertified cites to achieve a higher level of preparedness.
ECD has partnered with Austin Consulting and The Foote Consulting Group to develop and administer the program. ECD has launched a new website for the program,
The website’s purpose is two-fold: to provide a roadmap for communities to certify existing sites and to later market certified sites to companies and site selection consultants.
As the program kicks off, the website primarily offers information on applying to become a certified site, answering frequently asked questions and contact information.
In the coming months, additional information for site selectors and companies looking to do business in Tennessee will be added.

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