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Letters to the WCP Editor – 7.03.12

Letters to the WCP Editor – 7.03.12

Posted: Friday, July 6, 2012 12:42 pm

To the Editor,
“God Speaks”
He says what he means and means what he says. Romans 2:11 – “For there is no respect of persons with God.”
Romans 3:3 – “For what if some did not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?”
When we go to church do we hear what God says or what God means?
R.C. Nunley

To the Editor,
Recent proposed tuition hikes got you down college students? Worried about how you’re going to pay all those student loans off? Losing sleep over Congress’ inability to reach a compromise on the interest rate on those loans? Well, take heart.
Mitt Romney has the answer to all your worries. His advice to recent college students attending one of his campaign rallies? Go to a cheaper college. And borrow the money you need for your higher education from your parents.
But don’t expect the federal government to help you out.
Such a simple solution. I wonder why no one else thought of it.
Lynda Hamblen
Union City

To the Editor,
Last summer, several runners from our area got together and formed the Weakley County Running Club with the hope of promoting healthy living in Weakley County. In the past year, we have provided classes on getting started running; we have sponsored, promoted and participated in several local 5K races; we have started a 3-mile running group; we have trained together for 2 ½ marathons; and last year we raised over $2,000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
We are at it again! This year, we are taking another team to Memphis for the St. Jude Marathon weekend Dec. 1. Last year, registration close din July because there were so many people who wanted to run this race. This year, it took a mere 15 days for the race to reach capacity. We are fortunate to have signed up 15 members to run as a team and we will be running as St. Jude Heroes” again this year.
We are starting our fundraising efforts this year with some of the businesses in Weakley County. We are looking for partners. People can donate to a specific runner or to the Weakley County Running Club as a whole. We’d love to see the county community come together to help these children.
If you choose to sponsor us by providing a minimum $50 donation to St. Jude between now and Sept. 1, we will gladly market your business name and logo on our training shirts and training route signs that we post weekly all over town.
We’ll do the running if you will help in the contributing department. We appreciate any and all support you are willing to give us in our efforts.
Sincerely yours,
Laura Fieser and Weslee Hill
Weakley County Running Club

To the Editor,
The June 11, 2012, issue of Time magazine featured an article by Fareed Zakaria headlined: “The Case [whose?] Against Intervention in Syria: Regime change is overdue, but a slow squeeze is a smarter solution than war.”
Knowing full well that the Constitution of the United States of [North] America does not authorize its own armed government for “intervening” into the private affairs of other independent and sovereign States, and most certainly not to effect “regime change,” We-the-People have to ask: What-the-Dickens are these mainstream-press propagandists up to with their “Cases?”  
“Back in the USA!” Back in the USA, the blazing, yet wholly-ignored “Crisis Supremo,” has to do with that fundamental thing called “The Public Trust.”  To Fareed’s credit, his venture into this outlawry is not without historical precedent.  
For many decades, if not for two centuries, America’s best and finest have been sacrificed on the pseudo-humanist Altar of Global Policing.  
Just since 1950, it’s been Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, the Dominican Republic, Iran, Libya, Lebanon (again), Syria, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti, Afghanistan and Sudan, Iraq, Yugoslavia/Serbia, Afghanistan (again), Iraq (again), Libya (again) — gosh Fareed, you’d think that the American Revolution was merely a transferring of the British Oligarchy’s Torch of World Empire to this, the New World’s super-Imperials.
 Everybody knows that this USA is not a Democracy.  But what too few have realized up until now that neither is the USA a Republic.
In practice, “Republic” is only our Oligarchy’s on-paper disguise. Every sizable and lasting government since Babylon has been a rule-by-criminal-elites Oligarchy.  Fareed and all his fellows are servants to that Oligarchy USA and its long-standing Global Oligarchy objective.
Richard Ward

To the Editor,
An article by Bo Bradshaw of the “Tennessee News Service” in last week’s Weakley County Press about some proposed legislation about sex education wasn’t really a news piece. It was editorial disguised as journalism.
It simply reports Planned Parenthood’s opinions about sex education and then refers people to Planned Parenthood for more information about this important issue.
There wasn’t even a token quote from someone in favor of the proposed legislation.
Maybe no one noticed, but I did. The nation’s largest abortion provider has a vested interest in misdirecting us when it comes to sex education. They may have non-profit status, but their abortion-related cash flow is in the millions and millions of dollars.
Whether you think legalized abortion-on-demand is a good thing or not, you still have to be suspicious of any claims they make when their entire operation is financed by public tax money and abortions.
I may be way over on the right of the issue, but even so, a real journalist would have written a better story.
I tried to find the “Tennessee News Service” online, and found that they are a division of something called the “Public News Service,” with no real way to contact whoever has oversight over Bo Bradshaw’s work. It looks like no one does.
I know you are a local paper with a small, unappreciated staff. I know you have to keep costs down, and finding content that doesn’t cost much must be a daunting task.
But surely stories from this “Public News Service” should not be blindly republished.
Fr. Dennis Schenkel
St. Jude Catholic Church

WCP 7.03.12


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