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County utilizing social media

County utilizing social media
Weakley County Government is integrating social media into local government. The implementation is designed to provide citizens an “instant service” for questions such as where to pay a bill, traffic tickets, meeting schedules and more.
Using Twitter, Facebook and WordPress, the goal is to increase citizen participation and interest.
Locals can “tweet” a request for information, and get answers in real time.
The Communications Department of the Department of Finance will be moderating these sites, in conjunction with the Weakley County Website,, which is continuously monitored and updated.
“There are resources here designed for citizens to use, and we want to communicate those services,” said Shawn Francisco, director of Finance for Weakley County.
The addition shows Weakley County’s commitment to adhering to standards for transparency in government. Other efforts for increasing community involvement include live “tweeting” of calls coming into the Weakley County 9-1-1 Center on the evening of July 4 (Wednesday).
This project has been tested in other areas and has proven to be very effective. Exact times for the Live Tweet will be released on Facebook, Twitter, and the Weakley County website soon, and the Twitter user name is @weakleycountyTN.
Connect with Weakley County on Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress by clicking on the links on the homepage of the Weakley County website:
For more information, call 364-5429.

WCP 7.03.12

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