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Commission adopts ‘tentative’ FY budget

Commission adopts ‘tentative’ FY budget
With money from the state still in tow for the county to finalize its budget for the new fiscal year, commissioners agreed to carry over last year’s county budget during a meeting held last week.
The Weakley County Commission adopted an amended 2011-12 Fiscal Year budget as the upcoming Fiscal Year Tentative budget since the exact amount of revenue from the state has not yet been determined.
The amended estimated revenues increased by $86,732, and the amended estimated expenditures was decreased by $218,093.
The commission combined the financial resolutions, and unanimously adopted them.
Commissioner Eric Owen spoke on the current budget situation.
“It’s been a tough year,” said Owen. “The last few years have been tough.”
The commissioners approved Resolution 2012-51, which authorized the Finance Office to borrow $152,000 if needed. This was described as a precautionary measure in case revenue didn’t come in from the state on time.
Commissioner Roger Stewart thanked all of the department leaders who helped with the cash flow resolution.
“We appreciate that,” said Stewart.
Other business during the meeting included a report from Weakley County Mayor Houston Patrick. Patrick discussed the need for rain with the current drought situation.  
There were several elections, appointments, and confirmations for county positions during the meeting.
Jamison Peevyhouse was reappointed as Weakley County Emergency Management Director. Dr. Walter Fletcher was reappointed to serve as Weakley County Medical Examiner. Rick Workman was reappointed to serve as Weakley County Coroner. All were reappointed for one-year terms ending Aug. 31, 2013.
John Bucy, Bob Dudley and Shawn Francisco were reappointed to serve on the Weakley County Emergency Communications Board of Directors for a four-year term, ending June 30, 2016.
Four new Weakley County residents were elected to the Office of Notary Public at the meeting. The Notaries Public are Trina S. Vickers of Gleason, Courtney McMinn of Martin, Tempie L. Sydes of Martin, and Hon. Thomas L. Moore, Jr. of Dresden.
The next meeting of the Weakley County Finance, Ways, and Means Committee will be this evening. The committee will discuss the General Fund Budget after determining the revenue that the county will receive.
The next regular meeting of the Weakley County Board of Commissioners will be July 30 at 5:30 p.m. in the Weakley County Courthouse.

WCP 7.05.12

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