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UC recycling plan presented but more information requested

UC recycling plan presented but more information requested
Associate Editor
Does Union City need a door-to-door recycling program?
Bryan Barker with Barker Brothers, also known as Republic Services, presented a plan to the Union City Council Tuesday night that would include picking up garbage and recycling on alternate weeks.
He said if Union City would extend its contract, which has two years remaining, for another five years, then the company would only increase the contract cost by 3 percent each year, instead of 41⁄2 percent. The company would also take $1,810 off its bill each month to the city for projected savings from keeping trash out of the landfill.
Councilmen Billy Jack “B.J.” Cranford, Dianne Eskew and Bill “Rat” Harrison said they have all heard from citizens who do not want garbage pickup every two weeks.
Mrs. Eskew said all the calls she has received are against the plan. She said residents say they will have problems with bugs and flies.
Barker replied he did not think there would be that much of a problem, especially if the garbage is put in bags, like it should be.
Cranford said what the council is running into is it was not long ago that Union City residents went from having twice a week pickup to once a week pickup and now they’re being asked to go to every other week garbage pickup.
“We need to do what they want us to do,” he said, adding he doesn’t think residents are against recycling but they want regular garbage pickup service.
Barker asked the councilmen if they want recycling and Mayor Terry Hailey responded “yes.”
Hailey then asked Barker to see what it would cost the city to keep weekly garbage pickup and add a recycling program based on the two years left on the current contract.
Cranford said such a plan would give residents a chance to see whether or not they would like curbside recycling.
Barker said it is working in other locations. He said the main cost of the program is the bins, which he estimated around $237,000.
The council also discussed the $19 per month fee charged to residents. City manager Kathy Dillon said she did not know how much of that is strictly for garbage pickup paid to Barker Brothers. The price was figured three years ago based on what was being charged by Barker Brothers to the city when the company also did the city’s street sweeping and limb pickup. She added even though the city has taken over street sweeping and limb pickup, the fee still did not cover the full cost of the services as the fund was short $15,000.
After the meeting was opened in prayer by Hailey, the council:
• Approved a list of committee reappointments, including Judy Glenn, Maggie Vaughan and Sherry Headden to City Beautiful Commission; Steve Sedberry to the Electric Power Board; and Bill Latimer and David Searcy to the Obion County Public Library.
• Appointed Barry “Skipper” Bondurant to the Industrial Development Board of the City of Union City to replace Brad Parsons.
• Authorized the Industrial Development Board of the City of Union City to negotiate and accept In Lieu of Ad Valorem Taxes the amount to be paid on real and personal property to Obion County. Ms. Dillon said it is the pilot program for Williams Sausage.
• Heard the city is one of two in the state for which the budget automatically renews.
• Learned the city’s rural fire agreement is on the attorney’s desk. Ms. Dillon, in response to a question from Hailey, said she believes the annual $75 fee is not prorated. Though, there may be exceptions. Everyone in the city’s service area is currently receiving fire protection and will until 30 days from the date letters are sent out requesting the fee. Ms. Dillon said it may be September before anyone is cut off.
Councilmen Johnny Bacon and Judy Robinson were absent.
Published in The Messenger 7.5.12

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