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Crystal FCE Club meets

Crystal FCE Club meets

Posted: Monday, July 2, 2012 8:00 pm

The June meeting of the Crystal Family and Community Education Club was held recently.
There were 14 members and Obion County University of Tennessee Extension agent Benita Giffin in attendance.
President Nadine Killion called the meeting to order and roll call was answered by giving everyone naming their favorite June activity. Most members answered that their favorite thing about June was all the wonderful fresh foods available from their gardens.
June Bennett presented an inspiring devotional entitled “Make Up Your Mind Oreo”. This delightful story was about an owner trying to coax his cat to come inside while he was holding open the door. The cat could not make up his mind whether to come inside or stay on the door step. This was a comparison to God calling us and how we put off an answer or just simple delay going through his door.
There was a reminder and encouragement for all to plan to attend and enter an item in the County Dress Revue, which was held on June 18 at the Obion County Farm Bureau building. Jane Fisher gave a report on the state conference to be held in Memphis Nov. 12-14. She reminded members to be making some craft items to sell at the convention gift shop.
Mrs. Giffin showed several items she had collected to be placed in the gift bags to be presented to all who attend state conference. She also had been given a Jiffy Steamer to be used as an auction item for mini conference to be held in Jackson on July 27. Registration forms for the mini conference will be sent to each member. The cost for the mini-conference will be $12 and should be returned to Mrs. Fisher by the next club meeting in July.
The Obion County Fair was discussed and members learned the fair board plans to have some youth volunteers available to assist in the Domestic Arts Building. There was a discussion as to how many judges will be needed for each event. Mrs. Giffin will contact Weakley, Dyer and Gibson county personnel to secure the judges needed for the week. It was also announced the Westover School project will have another arts fair Nov. 3 and 4. The FCE clubs have been invited to participate if they want to rent a booth for members to sell their arts and crafts.
The program presented by Mrs. Giffin was from the AgePage literature concerning Aging and Your Eyes. She said everyone should have regular eye exams in order to spot problems to their eyes early. Some symptoms of eye problems may include lack of ability to see or everything seems dim, flashes of light, eye pain, double vision and redness or swelling of the eye or eyelid. Wearing sunglasses that block ultraviolet radiation and wearing a hat with a wide brim when outside will help eyes.
Common eye problems such as Presbyopia, a slow loss of ability to see close objects or small print, may occur with age. Floaters or tiny specks that seem to float across the vision are another part of aging. Tearing can come from being sensitive to light, wind and temperature. Eyelid problems are common with age and are treated with warm compress and gentle eyelid scrubs.
Disorders such as cataracts, corneal diseases and conditions, dry eye, glaucoma and retinal disorders are leading causes of blindness and need to be treated by an eye care professional. Helpful resources may be obtained from the National Eye Institute at, National Library of Medicine Medline Plus at and National Institute on Aging at
Peggy Lancaster served a delicious dessert plate before the craft session was held. Nadine Killion helped the members make silver spoon pendants covered with old beads and other jewelry.
The club collected 25 items for the Obion County Disaster Relief Fund.

Published in The Messenger 7.2.12

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