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Letters to the WCP Editor – 6.28.12

Letters to the WCP Editor – 6.28.12

Posted: Friday, June 29, 2012 3:24 pm

To the Editor,
In April and May, our two candidates running in the Republican (Senate) primary election were invited to come and speak and answer questions at meetings of the Gibson County Patriots.  
John Stevens, an attorney from Huntingdon, was our speaker in April.  
Danny Jowers, a Kenton farmer and Obion County commissioner, visited us in May. Danny Jowers is also chairman of the Obion County budget committee. When Obion County faced the same serious shortfalls in revenues as Gibson County, they found a dollar in budget cuts for every dollar in tax increases.  
As a result, Obion County increased property taxes 12 cents, versus the 32 cents increase in Gibson County. I wish Danny Jowers had been chairman of our budget committee.
John Stevens was chairman of Carroll County Republicans for several years. He is obviously the chosen one of the establishment Republicans (Establicans) – no doubt complete with the campaign donations and a 44-magnum campaign advisor that go along with same.
Since John has far more money for campaigning, numerous mailouts slamming Danny Jowers can be expected.  
Sometimes in the course of a political campaign, a statement is made by a candidate that makes or breaks him. I believe such a statement may have been made by John Stevens at our April meeting we he said, “More lawyers are needed in state government.”  
I believe the Patriots took exception to this, as we generally believe what is needed in state government is more common sense and adherence to our constitution.
There just aren’t very many people who agree that there is a shortage of lawyers in government. After considering both candidates and their positions, the Patriots decided on the conservative one over the chosen one.  
The Gibson County Patriots straw poll was 94 percent in favor of Danny Jowers.
David Nance
Gibson County Patriots

WCP 6.28.12


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