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NG has revised enlistee bonus

NG has revised enlistee bonus
Nashville – Officials from the Tennessee Army National Guard last week announced a new bonus policy that went into effect June 5. This policy has five different tiers of bonuses, ranging from $5,000 all the way up to $15,000, for new enlistees.
According to Lt. Col. Andy Easterly, Guard Recruiting and Retention Battalion Commander, the incentives are designed to provide unit commanders the ability to fill critical positions in their units, further enhancing overall readiness.
“The enlistment bonuses are targeted toward particular vacancies,” Easterly said. “Qualified applicants with no prior military service have to complete Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training in their selected military specialty.”
Easterly pointed out that many veterans aren’t required to attend Basic Training.
 Standards for enlistment in the Tennessee Guard clearly remain high, with 90 percent of enlistees requiring a high school diploma or higher and 65 percent of those must test in the upper 50 percent on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test.
Veterans may also qualify for a Prior-Service Enlistment Bonus provided they have not previously received a Prior- Service bonus.
 “The key for veterans to qualify for a bonus is enlisting in a military specialty in which they are already qualified,” Easterly pointed out.
 “The bottom line is that Tennesseans need to know their National Guard is going strong, but we’re always looking for good men and women to join our ranks. We’ll provide some healthy financial bonuses for those who qualify.”  
All Tennessee National Guard men and women are eligible for a variety of benefits including individual and family medical insurance under the Tri-Care Reserve Select program. Statewide, the Tennessee Army National Guard is expecting over 500 enlistees from June to September this year. People wanting more information can visit their local National Guard Armory or call 1-800-GO-GUARD or visit at

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