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Letters to the WCP Editor – 6.19.12

Letters to the WCP Editor – 6.19.12

Posted: Thursday, June 21, 2012 2:02 pm

To the Editor,
I have written about the Wisconsin re-call. I am/was in favor of this recall. However, the voters of Wisconsin have spoken not once, but twice, in this matter. They wanted Gov. Scott Walker (R) to remain in office and their vote approved his actions in regard to Unions. (It was not a landslide, there is approximately 47 percent of the citizens who did not approve this, so we’re still split as a country.) I didn’t, and still am, not in favor of either he or his actions!
Again, the voters of Wisconsin have spoken. I would do nothing to revoke their action, even though I do not approve. Our country is a democracy.
It seems to be working for some, and not working for others. Please do not misunderstand. I’m just not sure how 7 percent of the workforce can be so dangerous. Wisconsin has spoken. Lets move on!
When workers have no voice in their work place, its kind of like being denied the right to voice your opinion or denied the right to vote! When UNION WORKERS have no rights, neither will American citizens.
Don V. Jones

To the Editor,
In case you haven’t caught this bit of news, Governor Haslam recently appointed Ms. Samar Ali to serve as International Director of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD).  Ali’s resume includes an internship for the Islamic International Arab Bank in Amman, Jordan; an appointment in the Obama Administration as one of 13 White House Fellows; and working as an associate specializing in “Shariah–compliant” transactions at the international law firm Hogan Lovells.  
She is also a founding member of the first U.S. delegation to the World Islamic Forum. It was at this event that key Islamic leaders declared Sharia Finance to be a religious responsibility for Islamists.
It appears that Governor Halsam is embracing the idea of Sharia Compliant Financing. We have a problem here.
It is a requirement of Sharia Compliant Financing to support certain Islamic charities. It has been confirmed that at least 37 of these charities funnel money to radical Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaida and the Taliban.
Is it out of politically-correct stupidity that our Governor has appointed this Islamist expert in Sharia compliant finance or could huge amounts of Arab money be the motivation?
The Sharia compliant financing that Governor Haslam and President Obama appear to be embracing is part of what Islamists call financial jihad, which is aiding and abetting the Taliban who are killing and maiming our troops in Afghanistan. Learn the truth about Sharia finance, Google (Sharia finance) and do some reading for yourself. Also search YouTube for (Sharia Finance).
David Nance
Gibson County Patriots
To the Editor,
The article “Treaty to give oceans to UN” Tuesday, June 12 was excellent, accurate and to the point.
Unfortunately there are dozens of ways the government is taking away our God-given rights and destroying the Constitution.
One of the worst examples is the NDAA signed by Obama on New Years Eve. Section 1021 of this bill gives the President the authority to have any US citizen arrested and detained forever with or without any charges.
Yes, it’s true, and it’s time we accept the fact that instead of being governed by  elected citizens who are interested in preserving the Republic, we are being ruled by an international criminal gang.
If you do your homework, the facts will show that is not an unreasonable statement.
The only other question is, “ What can we do about it?”
First, pray that your church will wake up and figure out they have more to do than tell their congregation to just sit there and wait for Jesus to come back.
Second, there are Tea Party groups all over West Tennessee, and it IS possible to stop this madness before it’s to late.
If the people and the churches would only stand together, the problem would be solved tomorrow.
George Yeagley

WCP 6.19.12


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