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Young people set goals, reach them

Young people set goals, reach them

Posted: Monday, June 4, 2012 9:43 am
By: Hyla Richardson, Special to The Press

How stubborn and determined are you?
I wish young people in school today would look deep into their characteristics and find enough stubbornness and determination to push them on to fulfill any goals and desires which they might have. Of course, they may think the easy way would be to drop by the wayside and give up. But it might not be as easy in the long run as they may think.
The jobs that they would be able to get wouldn’t pay as much as they would get from the jobs that require more education. Before they even consider dropping out of school, they need to consider the kinds of jobs that would be available for them and the money those jobs pay. Stubbornness and determination can spur one on to make a greater effort to reach a much-wanted goal. It is hoped that their goals would be to continue their educations.
In my long life, I have used the traits of stubbornness and determination to help me through many obstacles to overcome as young people had when I was growing up. One thing I did have beyond my characteristics was the freedom to seek my own way and choose the path I wanted to follow. Since my parents allowed me to make my own choices about my own path after graduating from high school, I was able to take advantage of an opportunity and continue my education.
The opportunity that came my way was that I could go on to college. Without my knowledge, my high school principal was responsible for the opportunity to go to college because he made my arrangements for me to live in the home of a teacher at a college in the area in which I lived. Being stubborn and wanting to honor the principal whose faith in my ability to go to college, caused me to go.
Anyone who wants to continue an education now would find a way that would be much easier than I had. If I had refused to take advantage of my principals’ arrangements, I would have disappointed him.
He evidently thought I had the ability to go to college, or he wouldn’t have done what he did. I had thought after graduating from high school that my schooling would be finished. Because of that man’s faith in me, I continued on and at the end of further study in educational institutions, I had earned a Bachelor of Science degree, plus two Master of Science degrees. Because of my high school principal’s confidence in my ability to learn, and my own determination, I didn’t give up.
The cost of education is greater today, but money is easier to get than it was when I first entered college. One of my brothers answered my request for money for my tuition, and at the end of two years in college, I owed him $392.22. That amount of money had bought a Permanent Professional Elementary Certificate. No one today faces the difficulties that many people faced at the time I was growing up and continuing my education.
Young people today need to set goals for themselves and move forward and reach those goals by being stubborn and determined after recognizing opportunities when they present themselves. It is up to each person to find ways to reach his goal while being determined enough to go on and not give up.
The only persons who can stop them from reaching their goals are themselves. I earned my first degree in 1952 when I was 33 years old and my last in 1973 at the age of 54. I had a friend who earned a degree at the age of 73. I helped my son videotape a UT Martin graduation when a woman graduated at the age of 86. Being older doesn’t mean that learning has to stop.
Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone keep you from doing that. Sometimes, others try to boost themselves by trying to belittle others, while words of encouragement can often be the cause for one to work toward higher achievement. Pay no attention to anyone who tries to put obstacles in your path to higher education.
Be tenacious. Seek help with your class work if you need it. There will always be someone willing to help. Don’t be a drop-out. Search for faith within yourself and keep going. Don’t let anyone stop you from your goal!

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