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Masquerade performers hoping residents have ‘brains, heart, courage’ to attend show

Masquerade performers hoping residents have ‘brains, heart, courage’ to attend show
Masquerade performers hoping residents have ‘brains, heart, courage’ to attend show | Masquerade performers hoping residents have ‘brains, heart, courage’ to attend show
Associate Editor
A brain, a heart, courage and a way home will be the quest for area residents as they present Masquerade Theatre’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” beginning this weekend at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Union City.
More than 50 area residents have been working for several months to get the play ready for its opening night on Friday.
Director Sacchi Doss has double cast the major roles, with Molly Maclin and Leslie Patterson taking on the role of Dorothy Gale in the popular story. Hunk and Scarecrow will be played by Jonathan Johnson and John Alex Warner, Hickory and Tinman by Michael Chappell and Alton Alexander and Zeke and Lion by Dr. Kirk Stone and Stephen Conner. Maggie Olmstead and Renee Carr will tackle the roles of Almira Gulch and Wicked Witch of the West, while Angela Hughes and Trish Peery will play Glinda, Good Witch of the North.
Other cast members include:
Aunt Em Gale — Kerri Benthal;
Uncle Henry Gale and Guard of Oz — Brian Johnson;
Professor Marvel and Wizard of Oz — Robert Wilton;
Trees — Les MacDiarmid, Alisha Craddock, Lonna Kennedy, Rudy Sellers, Jalyn Mosley and Kerri Benthal;
Winkie General — Devin Burnside;
Winkies — Elijah Casey, Jackson Kendall, Imori Sergerson and Laken Kirk;
Nikko — Anna Oliver;
Crows — Jackie Boroff, Dharma Grinder, Delaney Grinder, Amanda McClanahan and Susannah Whitesell;
Poppies, Snowflakes and Flying Monkeys — Caleb Brewer, Ann Marie Caldwell, Brady Craddock, Cassie Fleenor, Alexis Hughes, Destinee Mayo, Sarah Schlager, Jocelyn Spadofino, Chloe Robertson and Caroline Rushing;
Emerald City attendants — Lynn Patterson, Rebecca Bargery, Rudy Sellers, Rebecca Gray, Ariana Warner, Kerri Benthal, Anna Oliver, Lonna Kennedy, Alisha Craddock, Destinee Mayo and Angela Hughes;
Munchkin City Mayor — Sarah Foltz;
Munchkin City Barrister — Bella Hancock;
Munchkin City Father 1 — Jacob Foltz;
Munchkin City Father 2 — Emily Bargery;
Munchkin City Coroner — Grace Kennedy;
Munchkin 1 — Jada Doughten;
Munchkin 2 — Abbi Suiter and Jacob Foltz;
Munchkins — Cayce Jones, Kaitlyn Boroff, Mia Hancock and Briley Payton;
Lullaby League — Emma Windsor, Skyler Brewer, Ariel Hughes, Maggie Suiter and Averee Cooper.
Dawn Tittle is serving as the production’s music director and sound operator. Delinda Goad is the choreographer and is co-producing the show with Brad Thompson. Additional choreography is being provided by Devin Burnside.
Bob Elderkin is the technical director and is in charge of lighting and set design.
He worked on the set construction and painting along with Ron Bloebaum and Pat Wade. She served as the scenic artist.
Stephanie Sergerson was in charge of costumes.
Tevin Wilkerson and Leslie Gord are working as the stage crew.
Sandra Harris and Lanzer Printing and Office Supply Co. are in charge of ticket sales. Tickets are available for $15 each in advance at Lanzer Printing and Office Supply Co. or at the ticket window prior to the show. Shows will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday and June 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 and 17. Friday and Saturday night shows are at 7:30, while Sunday matinees are at 2.
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Published in The Messenger 5.30.12

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