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Tips offered for parties

Tips offered for parties

Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2012 8:00 pm

With Memorial Day around the corner, Ricky Eisen, president and owner of Events and Celebrations by Between the Bread offers the following tips for a successful outdoor party.
• Remember there are three parts to serving at a party — appetizers, main course and dessert. Never leave guests waiting for food, so be prepared with appetizers as they arrive.
• Always have citronella candles or lanterns available to protect against bugs and also to provide light for outdoor parties that go into the night.
• An outdoor party can take place anywhere there is grass or sand. Ms. Eisen likes a backyard, poolside barbecue or a beach cook out.
• Every party should have a signature cocktail and an outdoor party should have one that is refreshing, preferably lemonade or juice-based.
• Everyone has been to a party where they were served a delicious burger straight off the grill, but then were left waiting for vegetables or side dishes to finish cooking. Ms. Eisen suggests making whatever food that can be made indoors, so as to use the grill only to cook protein items, therefore making the entire process more time efficient.
• Ms. Eisen has several suggestions in terms of décor. Use brightly-colored umbrellas for decoration and shade, string paper lanterns or lights and frame the picnic area with candles to help designate the party area and create ambiance.
• A nice touch would be to provide a basket of flip flops at the door to make guests more comfortable.

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