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Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 7:00 pm

Gay marriage
not God’s way

To The Editor:
I am very disappointed about President Obama’s view of homosexual marriage. He will not get my vote.
As a Christian, I stand on my faith in Jesus. It is an insult to every husband and wife for that sin to be called a marriage; it is not holy in the sight of God. Satan has joined them, not God. You put two homosexual men on an island and no women. They cannot bring forth a child and the same goes for women.
I urge every pastor, black or white, to not support President Obama. I am disabled and of low income; I will not vote for that which is wicked so I can get something from the government. There are times as Christians we must be willing to suffer for righteousness sake. That is to include any loss of a government benefit. You cannot walk with Jesus unless you agree with him for the above reasons. Homosexuals cannot conceive and bring forth a child, so they are not born that way.
Jesus’ birth came because God chose a woman and not a man. It’s God’s way — or the Hell way.
Michael G. Damons
South Fulton

Published in The Messenger 5.16.12