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James Buckley chapter of DAR holds meetings

James Buckley chapter of DAR holds meetings

Posted: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 8:00 pm

The March meeting of the James Buckley Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution was held recently in the library of the University of Tennessee at Martin. Mary Carpenter welcomed the group.
On March 29-April 1, chapter regent Emily Shore, Mary Vowell, Mary Dunavant, Maria Baddour and Tina Doss attended the 107th state conference 2012 in Franklin.
The opening night session was called to order by state regent Nancy G. Hemmrich.
A reception was attended honoring Mrs. Hammerich and other honored guests, which included state regents from the District of Columbia, Mexico, Mississippi and Oklahoma.
The members attended the Womens’ Issue Breakfast, awards luncheon, chapter regents’ banquet, memorial service, the Literacy Promotion Brunch, chapter regents club meeting, the state officers’ and vice chairmans’ club meeting and the Cameo Club meeting. Mrs. Doss attended the pages meeting.
The business meetings were attended by the chapter members.
The chapter was presented awards for the year, which included blue ribbon award for 2011-12 yearbook; second place most outstanding yearbook for the Chickasaw District 2011-12 yearbook; most eagle pendants purchased (tie) for state regents project (Chickasaw District); second place outstanding report for Constitution Week 2011-12 TTT bonus achievement awards for 2SDAR chapter achievement award; certificate of excellence for TSDAR chapter achievement awards; first place in category A for greatest number of pounds of clothing donated; first place (tie) chapter category A for number of gift cards to Tamassee School; outstanding donation to the David Crockett House; to Rita Glover, volunteer genealogist for the James Buckley Chapter; and to Susan Lowry of James Buckley Chapter, the TTT treasurer award. Over 460 members and guests attended the conference.
The 2013 conference will be held in Franklin on April 18-21.
The local April meeting was held in the home of Mrs. Shore and was opened with the DAR ritual. Members discussed the March conference in Franklin.
The May meeting will be held in the home of Mary Vowell. The speaker will be an officer from the ROTC unit at the UTM campus.

Published in The Messenger 5.16.12

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