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Fulton police target illegal sales of drugs

Fulton police target illegal sales of drugs
Fulton police conducted a drug roundup Tuesday, fueled by a commitment to assist in efforts to rid the community of illegal drug sales.
The effort was known as Operation Clean Up.
Fulton Police Chief Terry Powell said the drug roundup was “triggered from a commitment made by the members of the Fulton Police Department to assist in the efforts of the community to clean up unwanted illegal sales of drugs in the community.”
He said it was driven by the community revitalization project “Let’s Paint the Town,” which involves citizens working with a community which believes in itself and the ability to make a difference in Fulton.
Powell said Operation Clean Up stemmed from a year-long investigation by Fulton police into the alleged illegal sale of narcotics, the practice of doctor shopping known as “pill mills,” possession of methamphetamine precursor, sale of marijuana, sale of cocaine, sale of methamphetamines, sale of morphine, trafficking in Ecstasy and criminal syndicate — bringing the count to 100 or more people arrested, extending from Fulton County (Ky.) grand jury indictments and district court warrants and totaling 280 or more charges.
None of the names of those arrested or their charges were disclosed when police announced the drug roundup at 4 p.m. Tuesday.
“I am very proud of each of our police department employees and their dedication and commitment to meet the needs in Fulton during this Operation Clean Up,” Powell said.
“Each employee has gone beyond his call of duty to make this operation happen. I am gratified to have the Fulton City Commission that was in full support and knew of the operation and its events that were transpiring during the 2011-12 budget to help to fund such an operation that is very costly in overtime and the funding to make such a cleanup operation occur.
“The Fulton Police Department and this community have standing behind them the support and a commitment by the Kentucky State Police, Drug Enforcement Administration, Fulton County sheriff and the Pennyrile Narcotic Task Force to assist in the future of making Fulton a drug-free community by committing their agencies in assisting the Fulton Police Department to make a difference to the community,” he added.
Powell said Tuesday’s roundup should be “a word of warning to those who continue in the sales of illegal drugs and illegal activities in Fulton.
“You will be caught and prosecuted,” he said.
Fulton police utilized several different law enforcement agencies to assist in the roundup, including the Kentucky State Police, Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, Hickman County (Ky.) Sheriff’s Department, Clinton (Ky.) Police Department, South Fulton Police Department, Fulton County Detention Center and Pennyrile Narcotic Task Force, and had the full support of Fulton County Attorney Rick Majors and Commonwealth Attorney Mike Stacey, according to Powell.Published in The Messenger 5.16.12

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