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BREAKING NEWS: Drug roundup conducted in Fulton

BREAKING NEWS: Drug roundup conducted in Fulton

Posted: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 6:09 pm

The Messenger 5.15.12


The Fulton Police Department conducted a drug roundup today.
The effort — known as “Operation Clean Up” — was triggered by a commitment by Fulton police to assist in efforts to clean up unwanted illegal sales of drugs in the community.
Fulton Police Chief Terry Powell said it stemmed from a year-long investigation into the illegal sale of narcotics, doctor shopping known as pill mills, possession of methamphetamine precursor, sale of marijuana, sale of cocaine, sale of methamphetamines, sale of morphine, trafficking in Ecstasy and criminal syndicate — bringing the count to 100 or more people arrested as a result of Fulton County (Ky.) grand jury indictments and district court warrants which extend the total charges to 280 or more.
Fulton police announced the operation at 4 p.m. Tuesday after a day of arrests.
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