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Letter to the WCP Editor – 5.10.12

Letter to the WCP Editor – 5.10.12

Posted: Friday, May 11, 2012 10:34 am

To the Editor,
I kept thinking I would see something in the newspaper about the recent decision of the city board and the mayor to allow a new employee whose salary is paid for by taxpayers to run for state office. Since I have not, it is necessary to inform the public of this situation. Bradley Thompson was recently hired by the city (overlooking several local candidates) for a $55,000 a year salary, plus benefits.
In order to run for this office and be competitive, it will take a lot of money, which must be raised privately. There are luncheons to attend, parades to go to and on and on. If Mr. Thompson can accomplish all this with a full-time job, it will be amazing. There are a lot of good people out of work in this county and would love to be paid this salary.
Mr. Thompson’s claim to fame is working for a lot of years for (former U.S. Representative) John Tanner. Having talked with several aldermen, I found no one jumping up about the situation.
One alderman I have heard was totally opposed to his running for office while being paid with Martin taxpayers’ money. No one is opposed to this man running for office. As a matter of fact, it is welcomed, but what he should do is resign his position immediately.
Should he be able to run for the Senate and do his job part time, he is being paid too much money. There should be a log kept to document when he is out of the office while campaigning and it should be public record.
There are probably several folks around who would like for the citizens of Martin to fund a run for an office.
Mr. Thompson’s running for office while being employed in a position paid for tax dollars is quite similar to Mark Maddox running for office while serving with the county school system.
Why Randy Frazier allows this is certainly a mystery.
More of a mystery is why the taxpayers let him get by with it.
I hope there are concerned citizens who realize they are being misrepresented, and I hope the appropriate people will be made aware.
William Whitehurst

WCP 5.10.12


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