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Dresden mayor breaks tie in budget vote

Dresden mayor breaks tie in budget vote
Dresden mayor breaks tie in budget vote | Dresden Mayor Danny Forrester, City of Dresden

Dresden Mayor Danny Forrester and city recorder Jennifer Branscum
Dresden Mayor Danny Forrester broke the tie and voted to choose Option #2 for the first reading of the city’s fiscal year 2012-13 budget during the its board of mayor and alderman meeting held Monday evening.
Option #2 calls for a 19-cent increase in property taxes to balance the budget.
Board members were presented with three budget options, some of which called for tax increases and employee raises.
According to the city administration, Option #2 contains a 4.3 percent reduction in all requests from alderman and advisory boards. This 4.3 percent does not affect salary line increases.
However, a new officer position that was requested by the police department that has not yet been filled, has been eliminated. To balance this budget, it will take a 19-cent increase in property taxes. This will take the city’s tax rate from $1.31 to $1.50, which is in line with the other cities in Weakley County, according to Forrester.
Aldermen voting against the measure were Jake Bynum, Donnie Essary and Robb Newbill. Aldermen voting for the budget were Gwin Anderson, Dick Tidwell and Robb Newbill.
While the budget proposed a property tax increase, there were no citizens on hand to speak against the measure.
Option #2 would require a tax increase of $77,674 in order to budget the general fund expenditures at $1,836,003. The levied property tax would be $1.50 per $100 assessment for the purpose of funding municipal services.
Option #1 called for a 39-cent increase in property taxes, which would be a tax increase of $159,435, in order to budget the general fund expenditures at $1,917,764.
Option #3 called for a zero increase in expenditures, with the exception of fixed expenditures such as insurance, electricity, etc., and would also cut city services.
At the current property tax rate of $1.31, the general fund budget would stay at $1,758,329.
In all three options, there is a proposed 5 percent increase in the Water/Sewer Budget, with a revenue of $834,750.
The public hearing of the fiscal year 2012-13 budget will be held at 5:45 p.m. June 4 at Dresden City Hall.
This will precede the final vote for the proposed budget, which is set to take place during the board of mayor and aldermen’s meeting that night.
Other business Monday evening included the passage of Resolution 2012-12, which transferred state grant money into the appropriate department accounts.
The grant was filed for reimbursement of expenses due to storm damage during the storms of 2010.
The second reading of Rezoning Ordinance 2012-03, also passed unanimously.
The amendment would rezone property owned by Derek Doster at 437 Pikeview Street from R-1 to R-1A.
R-1 contains mostly single-family dwellings, while R-1A allows duplexes.

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