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Close vote for proposed budget in Greenfield

Close vote for proposed budget in Greenfield
Close vote for proposed budget in Greenfield | City of Greenfield, fiscal year budget 2012-13

Greenfield Aldermen (from left) Danny Nanney, Mike Caudle, Paul Richmond and Cindy McAdams heard the proposed budget for a second time when they met Tuesday evening.
The Greenfield Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the second reading of the 2012-13 budget with a vote of 4-3. The proposed budget includes a 35-cent property tax increase.
The increase would raise property taxes from $1.25 per $100 of assessed value of property to $1.60 per $100 of assessed value of property. The budget also includes an increase from $37.30 for water, gas, and sewer each month to $40 each month with a 3,00 gallon minimum of water usage.
The proposed property tax would increase the current property tax income from $270,000 to $347,872.
The proposed total income would increase from $1,044,750 to $1,124,172. According to City Recorder Randy Potts, the budget will be voted upon in sections broken down by department.
The following Aldermen voted in favor of the proposed budget: Danny Nanney, Mike Caudle, Troy Jones, and John Liggett. The following Aldermen voted against the proposed budget: Paul Grooms, Paul Richmond, and Cindy McAdams. Joe Grooms was absent from the meeting.
There will be a third reading of the proposed budget during the next regular board meeting on June 12. According to Mayor Eddie McKelvy, there will be a recess before the third and final reading, at which time the board will have a public hearing regarding the proposed 2012-2013 budget.
“There will be an open meeting for the public to come and discuss the budget and say whatever you feel,” said Mayor McKelvy.
“That will be taken into consideration.”
Board members also adopted a resolution regarding the Delta Regional Authority grant money. The passage of the resolution allowed the city to accept the grant money, which has not yet been received, and place in the appropriate area.
The grant is expected to be $87,780, and the money would be used for the extension of the city’s sewer system by implementing the necessary line extension to serve unserved residents.
Other business included the reports and concerns of various directors.
Public works director Tony Stout reported that there was a new start-stop motor purchased for Well #3. The original cost would have been $5,600, but Stout said that he found a different brand of the motor for $3,400.
The motor is expected to be in service for 10-12 years.
Librarian Sandy Dowland reported the book circulation was up 15 percent from last year.
A representative from the Greenfield Advancement Association reported that the newly formed association had chosen to meet on the first Tuesday each month at 7 p.m. Dues for the Greenfield Advancement Association were established at $50 per year for businesses and $25 per year for individuals.
The representative said almost all of the needed signatures for the deeds for the property by Norfolk Southern Railroad had been obtained, and he requested the board advise the Greenfield Advancement Association on where to proceed from there.
The board noted that they would keep the motion regarding the issue on the table, so that they may consult with the city attorney. The property obtained would count for matching the city’s requirement in any 80/20 grants.
The next monthly meeting of the board of mayor and aldermen will be June 12 at 5:30 p.m. at the Greenfield Fire Station.

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