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Jacob Flournoy DAR chapter recognized

Jacob Flournoy DAR chapter recognized

Posted: Wednesday, May 9, 2012 8:00 pm

Members of the Jacob Flournoy Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution recently held their April meeting at the Carr Street Community Center in Fulton.
Regent Sallie Ferguson opened the meeting with the DAR ritual and “Pledge to the United States Flag.”
Following the ritual, Mrs. Ferguson introduced Peggy Lohaus. Mrs. Lohaus, in her position as good citizens chairman, introduced Brandon Carter, who is the 2011-12 District 1 DAR Good Citizen winner. His essay and application were forwarded to be entered in DAR state judging.
Carter was accompanied by his father, Brent Carter, and Fulton City guidance counselor Mindy Ames. He was presented a DAR certificate by Mrs. Lohaus and will receive recognition and a DAR Good Citizen Award pen on class night at the Fulton City High School.
During the social time, Margaret Adams, Agnes Sublette and Alice Voegeli served as hostesses. The food table was covered by a white-on-white rose-designed tablecloth and centered with a bouquet of fresh spring flowers from Mrs. Voegeli flower garden. Other fresh bouquets were used in the room.
During the business meeting, officers and committee reports were given.
Mrs. Ferguson gave a report on the recent Kentucky state conference of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
The chapter received numerous awards, including:
• The Conservation Committee recognized the chapter for “Outstanding Member Participation in Conservation Efforts.” Those items included a program by Tara Rudolph Dowdy from the Reelfoot Wildlife and Conservation Department, the planting of trees on Lake Street in Fulton and the individual efforts of members in conserving energy by using energy-saving appliances and light bulbs, controlling phantom electricity, feeding wildlife and using rain barrels.
• A Certificate of Award from the first district director for the “Most Complete Master Questionnaire.”
• An award from the Flag of the United States of America Committee for “Outstanding Committee Participation” in distributing flags to students and veterans, designing newspaper Kids Pages with flags, flying flags individually and for special holidays and providing a flag for Veterans Circle in Greenlea Cemetery.
• A certificate from the Women’s Issues Committee for Outstanding Report — first place.
• An award from the Historic Preservation Committee for “Outstanding Chapter Report.”
• A first-place award from the Women’s Issues Committee for “Outstanding Program.” These programs included a National Defense Program by Donnie Braswell, a show and tell by members, a health issues and prescription drug program by nurse practitioner Allie Alexander-Lusk and pharmacist Amelia Prather and a Women’s Affairs program by Melissa Goodman.
• An American Indians Committee recognition for the “Best Report Showcasing Chapter Efforts in Support of the American Indians Committee” — first place. Activities included an illustrated program by Bill Lawrence, Indian affairs coordinator for the Discovery Park of America; a month-long Indian exhibit at the Fulton Railroad Museum; Indian Affairs reports at chapter meetings; and Indian Affairs minutes in chapter newsletters.
• The Program Committee recognition for the “Best DAR Program Series” — first place. In addition to those mentioned earlier, these included a program by KSDAR regent Jessieanne Wells and a slide show presentation of various sites, including Rome and the Holy Land, by Wayne Lohaus.
• An American Heritage Committee award for “Outstanding Programming in American History.”
• An award for “Most Activities” from the DAR Project Patriot Committee. Activities included hanging a wreath and placing flags and ribbons in support of the deployed 913th; planning Veterans and Patriot’s Celebrations at Haws Memorial Nursing Home; planting trees in honor of patriots and veterans; and supplying full kids pages to the local newspaper for Armed Services Day, Constitution Week, Independence Day and other holidays the nation can celebrate due to the service of men and women in the Armed Forces.
• An award from the Americanism Committee.
• A second place Commemorative Events Award for “Best Program and Report.”
• A first place Commemorative Events Award for “Outstanding 70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Program and Report.”
• A first place Volunteer Information Specialist Chapter Award for “Outstanding Use of Electronic Technology.”
• A third place Constitution Week Award for “Most Proclamations.”
• A second place Constitution Week Award for “Most Constitution Week Kits Distributed.”
• A Membership Committee Award for “Best Use of Newspaper for Membership and Patriotism.”
• A Membership Committee Award for “Most Complete Membership Report.”
• A KSDAR First District Good Citizens Award.
• A certificate from the DAR Museum Committee for “Outstanding Support of the DAR Museum” — second place.
• A first place Public Relations and Media Award due to over 100 articles printed in area newspapers, posted on area websites or broadcast by local radio stations.
• A Silver Award from the State Honor Roll Committee.
• A Voluntary Information Specialist Award to Elaine Allen for “Individual Computer Achievement.”
• A Voluntary Information Specialist Award to Sallie Ferguson for “Individual Computer Achievement.”
• An individual award to Mrs. Allen for “Attending Her First State Conference.”
During the meeting, the Jacob Flournoy Chapter nominating committee was elected. It includes chairman Mrs. Lohaus, Mrs. Voegeli, Rose Oliver, Mary Harris and Ramona Moon.
In place of a speaker, the group took part in a “show and tell” by sharing some of the following family and personal treasures from the days gone by.
• Phyllis Simmons showed a 1900 autograph book belonging to her grandmother, Imogene Moore, who was born 1886.
• Mrs. Harris shared pictures of a late-1700s hand-made butler’s chest.
• Mrs. Ferguson had a copy of a full page from a 1957 Union City Daily Messenger, which she had written as a college student. The paper contained pictures and articles of her hometown of Troy.
• Mrs. Sublette brought an 1871 receipt showing the purchase of silver spoons by her grandmother.
• Margaret Perry shared a picture of her great-aunt, Helen Cameron Mayhew, who was buried in Sandy Branch Primitive Branch Cemetery in 1895.
• Mrs. Adams brought a copy of a book on Asaph Jetton, her great-great-grandfather.
• Mrs. Voegeli had a soap stone plaque with a picture of the Burns College Interior, possibly located in Lake George, Canada.

Published in The Messenger 5.9.12

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