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Pass Classrooms Protection Act

Pass Classrooms Protection Act

Posted: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 10:06 am
By: Eugene Delgaudio, President, Public Advocate

In a letter hand-delivered to members of the House of Representatives on Friday, Eugene Delgaudio said the following:
The Tennessee House of Representatives expected to see passage of Classrooms Protection Act SB49/HB229 as a first order of business but has now waited all session for a fair up or down vote. It had passed the Senate.
But  due to behind the scenes and public obstructions by Governor Haslam and pro-homosexual groups, respectively independent of each other but apparent to most observers it has been a long wait.
Parents in Tennesee and across America are tired of groups with sexual agendas (homosexual and otherwise) wanting to come into classrooms to push the envelope on their children without parental consent.
The Classrooms Protection Act (dishonestly misentitled “don’t say gay”) should have already passed.
For the last year, Public Advocate has alerted our supporters and the public of the millions of dollars which the HRC, ACLU, SPLC and other gay-at-all-cost groups are spending to implement gender-bending education for K-5 across America. The closing days of the Tennessee legislature require a vote and likely passage of HB229.
Since when does a majority of supporters of legislation get stalled from non-public processes? Tennessee deserves a vote.
The liberal media dishonestly calls SB49/HB229 “don’t say gay” when that is not what this bill is about.  SB49/HB229 is a Classrooms Protection Act which allows parents to keep their freedom and stops activist groups from coming to schools with an agenda either to sexualize or teach gender-bending to small children.
The House sponsor of SB49/HB229 Classrooms Protection Act, Rep. Joey Hensley, surveyed his constituents and 95 percent of those who responded support Classrooms Protection. Opponents of Tennessee’s Classrooms Protection Act openly state in their propaganda that they want to teach so-called “GLBT issues” to kindergarten through eighth grade.
But then these same groups contradict themselves and say to us that such education does not exist, “don’t worry about it,” which all adds up to telling everyone else one thing – JUST CAPITULATE AND GIVE THEM THE CHILDREN.
The good news is that our pro-family heroes were not swayed when the Classrooms Protection Act finally cleared 8-7 in the House Education Committee. But the obstruction is not over; as the legislative session draws to a close the respective leftist alphabet interest groups ACLU , SPLC, and HRC ( American Civil Liberties Union, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Human Rights Campaign) have ramped up their efforts to run out the time clock.
Public Advocate. a non-profit public policy group, began getting the word out last year about this important Classrooms Protection Act and is now calling for a National Classrooms Protection Act as well.
We knew that homosexual front groups were ready to flood targeted states with millions of dollars to force homosexual curricula into classrooms against the wishes of unsuspecting parents. California was first to fall.
Opposition groups like the ACLU and the SPLC long-ago compromised their original mission of civil rights by allowing themselves to be bought off by massive homosexual fundraising campaigns and cannot be trusted with other people’s children.  Newer gay-at-all-cost groups like the HRC  or the self-styled TEP “Tennessee Equality Project” have misleading names as they can claim no civil rights history whatsoever.
What all these groups who oppose Classrooms Protection have in common is that they all expect Public Advocate and parents, of Tennessee’s and America’s children, to walk away and give up our civil rights as well as our children by voluntarily submitting ourselves like robots to their one, highly debatable point of view.
They expect Public Advocate supporters and parents across America to go home and pretend that there is nothing going on. But whenever and wherever these groups show up to indoctrinate other people’s children on contentious sexual issues which have no place in the school, it is absolutely ridiculous that they think that we will just turn away and hand over our children.
We applaud Senator Campfield and Representative Hensley for visionary leadership in preempting attacks on the classroom for Tennessee. 

WCP 5.01.12


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